Gilbert Gets It – Space DNA, Sexy Weight Loss, Badonkadonk Booty

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Gilbert Gottfried just gets it!

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ThawedTroglodyteJury says:

That's how our universe got started: giant alien sperm.

kritagg josh says:

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sobin chacko says:

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RevengeofGothzilla says:

Is it bad that I want that underwear?

Tino mer says:


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Michele Mikkiney says:

Sounds like a great weight loss

khaw aja says:

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Ananta Shrestha says:

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ShadowCoH316 says:

I could see gay men getting those underwear, but I'd rather work by butt off and make it look good for the guy WHEN IM NAKED. I imagine it really sucks opening a padded bra to find 2 saggy pancakes.

ohnogrl says:

i am dying.

Liquidbabydoll says:

i <3 Gilbert Gottfried !!! you rock !!

ukecko72 says:

sure is! 😀

Julianne Morreale says:

is that the bird from adlandin?

nickm34456 says:

I know it wasnt him, but he reminds me of the guy from "The Princess Bride"

b eep says:

I first ran into Gilbert on USA's UP! All Nite. And I hated him. Oh. Annoyance to the Nth degree. Which, it turns out, was something of the point. I now recognize his brilliance. Total hands down as the one, the only person that does the Aristocrats joke best. Yes, he is grating. That's just part of the schtick.

Samuel Gage says:

it sounds like a parrot got fucked in the throat

infringinator says:

This guy didn't get publicity until he started squinting. Poor thing.

California Cars says:

You mean Gilbert Gottfried for president 2012?

Dorian Grey says:


The Whale Man says:

You're the most annoying person ever, yet I can't stop listening to you!

JaysonSR says:

Gilbert is the only reason I'm subbed to this channel. The man knows how to make me laugh.

hotdrumchick says:

Did Gilbert have a facelift?!?

Tomas Hollan says:

man i cant wait for his conferences and speeches!!!

Diego M. Ramirez says:

One small step for man, One giant step for self-involved douchebags. My favorite line.

Jim R. Didriksen says:

Alternately, The Parrot from Aladdin 2012 . to get the youth vote.

Jim R. Didriksen says:

1:05 that women looks like she she would leak under the pressure of her fat if she some how gets a puncture wound… I'm thinking if after losing 100lbs you're still so fat that it would be healthy for you to get shot you might want to do more weight-loss-anything.

communistjesus says:

Gilbert Godfrey For PRESIDENT 2012

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