Doing Research in Medical School | A Day in the Life of a 2nd Year Medical Student

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Hello Everyone!
We apologize for the short vlog (and Jane constantly staring at the view finder…we’re training her). It was a super busy day with a lot of mandatory events. We, unfortunately, were not allowed to film most of it. We promise the next one will be longer; we’ve already started editing the next vlog, so it should be up soon!

Also, don’t forget to check out Jane’s channel, The Anatomy of Fashion, to see us remove Jady’s nastyyyy blackheads.

Jane and Jady

J A N E ‘ S C H A N N E L
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Pasang Omu says:

You guys are the definition of Perfection !!

z emaliie says:

which medical school is this?

clar831 says:

What music did you use at 1:25? :)

mmaxud says:

what topic/subject are you doing your research on?

foreverxbrkn says:

so glad to have found your page. you guys are amazing!! :)

Jay Torres says:

Crazy how you guys can make really good youtube videos while still in medical school!

MiniLucie13 says:

what camera is this filmed with?

Fernanda Galache says:

I have a question! Do you guys work or only study? keep making more videos, i love them <3

dhalan vijayakumar says:

Love your videos !! And do you guys have snapchat ?

Hans Dear says:

Loved the vlog!!! And the choice of music was so good.

Camille Alipio says:

Janeeee ❤️ can you do a "How I do my notes/annotate my books, lectures" video. I'm sure everyone would like to get some good tips from you, especially for us med/premed students, thanks ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Judith Núñez says:

I really love your videos guys! Are there any more channels about med students vlogging?

Micheline Lette says:

hey, Jane and Jady I just find your channel and already love it. you guys inspired me a lot so thank you. what do you guys think is a best undergraduate major? I want to go to medical school in the future but I'm little confused on my undergraduate major. please help

Dorthy Savage says:

I got my first college letter grade D!! Im freaking out and dont know wether this ruins everything? Ive never gotten lower then a B in my life :(

Silentkiller007 says:

I like the way you guys edited this vlog!

Amber Taylor says:

I love you guys so much ! Been with two since the beginning.
Sending love from Houston, Texas

Christine N. says:

What med school do you go to/ what region do you live in? It looks super nice! Again sorry if you've already said

Unknown says:

What are the songs in the video called?

green greenzz says:

Jane is really pretty in all the video, even when you guys have a crazy hectic schedule and lots of studying to do. Don't it ever stress you all out like until you are so worried? I admire your spirit really, both of you ^_^

Naima Thompson says:

did you get this style type ofvlog with the music and scenes from casey neistat

dilek bilge says:

Hey guys!!! Could you explain how you get involved in a research while at medical school? What kind of interview is Jane talking about in the video and do you have to have some qualifications for a research? In my school we really have to hunt down professors that actually do some research and most of the time they don't accept us to be a part of it :(

Keanna De La Cruz says:

Thoughts on course forgiveness? Currently have a C- in physio. What if I scored on the final in a way that would qualify me for course forgiveness (C- or lower)? I would need 94-100% for a B- lol…. Still studying for it of course. For my school, the old GPA is not factored in, just the new grade. My transcript still shows that I retook the class though. I heard some med schools factor in both grades, regardless if you did better the second time around? I want to retake it because I know I can do better and I don't want another C in my pre-req classes that would hurt my GPA. What do you guys think? Keep moving forward and try and do better or consider retaking?

Cassidy S says:

Thanks for posting your the only medical channel I have liked so far~

Lucija Karaman says:

I love you videos <3 Can you do a video about how you know med school is right for you and how did you know?

billie 17 says:

Is research a part of your med school curriculum or did you have to apply to a program separately?

Sean Gupta says:

Where do they get the money to buy all this while in med school

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