Breastfeeding & Weight loss Part 2

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So here I am with part two. Thank you so much for watching, and of course leave me any questions you have. I’d love to answer them. 😉


Jo T says:

you look good 🙂

Andriy Osachev says:

Hello! I'm Matt.I did -10 lbs last two weeks.Visit

naturalminnie says:

ill be 22 nxt month

Afroo_Mulan says:

how old are you you luk really young

naturalminnie says:

thank you 🙂

Only1JasmineNicole says:

you look great momma!! yaayye to breast feeding!!

naturalminnie says:

@aanfiel1 yea try it. it will be something different for your body, then you'll be able to eat whatever you want again! Cut off all soda, jucie,and sugar drinks…only drink water for the two weeks. Telll me how it goes.

naturalminnie says:

@aanfiel1 are you exclusively breastfeeding? I really eat everything. I'm not on a diet. When I did diet for two weeks I ate fruits and veggies, baked chicken and fish, and beans.

naturalminnie says:

@chizzetel thanks, I got it from Bobs

chizzetel says:

nice sweat shirt where did you get that from?

naturalminnie says:

@KayNatural12 aw thank you!

Kayz Kolourz says:

girl u look awesome! i hope when i have a baby i look like that afterwards!

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