Strange UFO Above The Moon In Close Telescope Footage! 3/18/16

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Valkirian Reborn says:

It's just a star O_o

Sycotic Deninard says:

Tyler, I appreciate your enthusiasm in trying to educate people on the UFO phenomenon however the bar of what constitutes an actual phenomenon needs to be raised considerably. This footage is not in the slightest interesting as the object shown above the moon could be anything from Jupiter or one of the various satellites orbiting it now. If the object had moved in a way that behaved like a vehicle under intelligent control, then and only then would I dare to speculate that it could be an extraterrestrial vehicle.

The anomalies on the surface of the moon are just that. I have only seen one or two pictures of possible intelligently created structures on the moon that have warranted further follow up. I.E. the pipe that is semi burried on the surface. The ones you have pointed out lately have stretched the imagination to the point of ridiculousness.

Leigh Eastham says:

Star or planet?

adrian ellis says:

More rubbish!!! Think about a telescope that can view the moon 9300000 miles away, imagine the size of the earth and being able to see from the UK to Australia with a cheap telescope approx 3500 miles!! the moon 9300000 REALLY come on total rubbish. Stop circulating nonsense and think about the BS we are told!

AP AS says:

hovering above the moon, or ……………………….millions of miles past it, like venus or another planet.

TheHirade says:

sorry its a planet and it does not disappears, the moon is traveling !!!!!!!!!!!

toddi1971 says:

Could be a planet or star and the moon moves, right?

Jason Moser says:

every night so red go back few days

Jackson Compton says:

Can you see the A on left green shot and other letters or symbols.

Thomas Thomsen says:

Omg… This is just a star, and did u know that the moon is moving so when the star moves close to the moon it is the moon that os moving.

Lance B says:

its a star and the moon is moving towards it

Allison Lambert says:

moon still looks like moldy cheese

Anthony Heredia says:

american govt. has space stations up there.. they conduct special opprrations.. they're probably testing new aircraft

Navy78 says:

how do you guys see these things on the moon? I don't get it? i never can see these things you guys see???? !!! its a little laughable but….I can see your passion…its all good….

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