Smartphone Awards: 2014!

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Best Smartphone options of 2014!

The Dream Smartphone, 2014:

Top Big Phones [0:55]
Best Compact Phones [2:59]
Best Smartphone Cameras [4:44]
Best Budget Smartphones [6:42]
Most Improved Smartphone [8:34]
Best Windows Phones [9:26]
Craziest Design [10:04]
Bust of the Year [10:41]
Best Smartphone of the Year [11:29]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review:

iPhone 6 Plus:
iPhone 6 Plus Review:

Nexus 6:
Nexus 6 Review:

Samsung Galaxy S5:
Samsung Galaxy S5 Review:

LG G3:
LG G3 Review:

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact:

Samsung Galaxy Alpha:
Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review:

iPhone 6:
iPhone 6 Review:

Sony Xperia Z3:

OnePlus One:
OnePlus One Review:

Moto G 2014:
Moto G Review:

Nexus 5:
Nexus 5 Review:

Blackberry Passport:

HTC One M8 for Windows Phone:

Nokia Lumia 735:

Sharp Aquos Crystal:
Sharp Aquos Crystal Review:

Amazon Fire Phone:
Amazon Fire Phone Explained:

HTC One M8:
HTC One M8 Review:
HTC One M8 GPE Review:

Moto X 2014:
Moto X 2014 Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



Ricky Jones says:

I think you need to join with others so our can do more fast but have more free time for yourself by doing category reviews each does a review of the same device like gaming ,social, tech , and etc

Jose D says:

my z3 takes shit pictures, the images always come out washed out and detail less

AMEER 51 says:

Always praising about samsung mkbhd

Akshay Agrawal says:

I am Planning to buy oneplus one. Is that make sense in 2016?

Martin Ambre says:

can we have this for 2015?

Zylo says:

And now you can get the HTC ONE M8 for £140 new…

Elie Valdenaire says:

don't you know the umi hammer or umi emax

Kenny Smith says:

right on bro your awesome on this one

Evan Jones says:

I'm buying a new phone in 2016…moving from Moto G. Should I buy LG G3, OnePlus One or Xperia Z3 Compact?

Todd Will says:

Z3 Compact is my pick of 2014

Praveen Gadpayle says:

wesome Impressive video man
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Avi Seth says:

How come S5?

Alan Clark says:

Sony Z3 Compact is still the best phone for me

Varun Sarathy says:

If the i6+ barely makes the cut for a big phone, why'd you mention the S5?

High Cheese Lord says:


Wang Boy says:

Salute to Blackberry Passport!

SpungeBawb says:

Who's watching when the 2015 one came out?

the Beast Gaming show!!!!!!!!!!! says:

gime gimeeeeeeeeeeee gimeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle Contino says:

I love SONY z3 compact

Franz Naval says:

Am I the only one who dont like bezel less phones?

Harith Ali says:

I love HTC m8

JackTheDiviner says:

I heard that chuckle when you said "Not as massive package"… ;)

B. N. E. says:

Oppo find 7 wasn't even worth talking about?!?!?

EcoDan says:

Now we have Meizu MX5 for good price!))

Arun .C.Sarma says:

no Nexus 6?

Toh Rong says:

What should i buy? Samsung Note 5 ? Samsung S6? iPhone 6s?

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