Ruby Programming

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Get Input 1:47
Arithmetic 3:11
Integers 3:24
Floats 3:42
Constants 5:23
Basic File I/O 5:52
Load Ruby File 6:56
Multiline Comment 7:27
If Elsif Else 7:42
Comparison Operators 8:45
Logical Operators 8:59
Unless 10:19
Case 10:58
Ternary Operator 12:14
Loop Next Break 12:19
While 14:21
Until 15:09
For Loops 15:48
Each 16:40
Functions 17:54
Exception Handling 19:28
Strings 21:47
Chop Chomp 27:45
Class Objects 29:29
Inheritance 33:19
Modules 34:23
Polymorphism 38:20
Symbols 40:11
Arrays 41:26
Hashes 45:43
Enumerables 49:21
File I/O 52:05


anderson farias says:

Great video, Congrats!!! =D

bencevagyok says:

If I watch it double speed, can I learn Ruby in less than 30 minutes?
I am in a big hurry :)

Yumei Leventhal says:

Great video! Thank you!

Charles Darwin says:

Thanks again Derek. Your distillation of essential concepts is once again crisply and incisively delivered. I am greatly intrigued by your ability to extract and present the fundamentals with such clarity and to do so with absolutely "no" verbal pauses, hiccups and otherwise so commonly found You-Tube speech impediments. It all suggests that you have a lively but buttoned-down mind that is keenly in tune with the subject matter. It might be interesting to actually see you in action, at the podium, expounding extemporaneously on how you go about putting together such appealing videos!!!

Naseer Qureshi says:

Awesome due to my intensive IT background but after 20 years come back to programming world I got Ruby with one hour session

mickpr1970 says:

You are the boss, but too fast for me!

ahmed ramadan says:

does anybody here think that ruby syntax is pretty weird and 'unnatural' as compared to something like python?! I don't know I hated it!

MrPelafio says:

Honestly, it might not be extremely deep man, but what I like is that you can be really concise without skipping "obvious" parts. Without mentioning you're not making 35 parts 40 mins each for them views

John A says:

This seems so much better than Javascript. I first learned Basic, Fortran, Pascal and then C++, followed by HTML, ActionScript, Lingo, CSS, JavaScript. And I hardly use any of them, lol.

Daniel He says:

Derek, I have to say, I really wish I discovered your videos sooner. They are pretty much perfect, and the pace is perfect because I already understand a lot about other programming languages, and I only need to learn the new syntax for each language. You seemed to have forgotten the .times method in the looping section, but since it's can't really do anything that other loops can't, and only make writing a program a bit faster, I guess it's ok. Nice vid!

Daniel He says:

For all of you saying the video is too fast, you can try to click the little settings icon at the bottom right of the video and set the speed to 0.5. It may be helpful if you can stand the audio at 0.5 speed.

Drew Britton says:

wonderful tutorial as always :]

stpaquet says:

It would be interesting to have also bloc, proc and lambda. They are pretty useful and a little bit tricky, but I'm sure you can make a smart introduction.

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