$4,000 Day Trading 01-13-16

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http://www.oiltradingacademy.com, very easy day today day trading due to my charting service where I track the codes everyday. I called this trade out in my charting service before it ever even happened. Since Oil like all trading instruments in the world are being controlled in advance by a computer program it’s not at all hard to know what it’s going to do and where it’s going to go before it even does it. Notice how I took an entry and knew it would go up and knew it would go up 80 ticks to my exit. Nobody in the world can know that unless they have an advantage over the market like I do and know how the computer works behind the movement. This is why Oil Trading Academy is now the most popular trading website on the entire Internet:


Purchase my code trading videos and get yourself started learning the most effective trading system in the world:


Happy Trading,

Oil Trading Academy


fly p jabs says:

how long does it take to get paid when you win a trade?

mike adams says:

hey can you tell me what the new contract is called. my charts have stopped moving all together, and i cant seem o find the new contract and chart. still trading on demo please help thank you

Avon B says:

The things you said about the system, its so true man, totally my opinion too. But im not a daytrader now. Would you recommend the daytrading generally?

Grant Juan says:

How do you calculate the math you keep referring to in this video?

Rick Miller says:

For a rookie trader. How much would you suggest to start out with as far as working capital. 10K, 5K? After purchasing your program, how much additional money will be needed to setup an account (Which trading site would you suggest?) As far as your training is concerned I saw a 7 day money back guarantee. I also seen some people need 6 months of sim-training before entering into the real world. Your thoughts? Sorry for a million questions here. There is a lot of people talking smack about your program. I firmly believe you are onto something. My wife is sick with a very rare auto immune disease and I want to earn some extra money to pay for all these dam medical bills. Thanks for any help you can send my way. God Bless!!

HumbleGolds says:

Hi. Very interesting. I'm all in ! Would like to learn this system. Thanks for posting.

swiperthefox777 says:

hello, I have another question for you. can you trade the code at night? like when the markets closed? also can one day you make a video doing that? I'm interested in seeing the flow and the way the code works when it's at night. I know "night" is relative to your physical location. but I think you know what I mean.

jose mendez says:

hello day trading oil futures i would like to known if one day gonna have live trading room that could be really nice for you and for us

WatchThisBub says:

I'm not sure how I stumbled across your videos but I'm becoming increasingly interested in the stock market and your program. I'm currently reading a few books to get me up to speed with the market and day trading. I hope within a month or so I can start trying to learn the market and then ultimately learn your code! Keep up the great work!

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