Top 14 Doritos Super Bowl Commercials – Ten Best Funny Superbowl Ads

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This video is NOT sponsored by Doritos, we just love their Super Bowl commercials!
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Check out on Sunday to see the Top Ten Commercials from the Big Game with the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos!

This year’s average Super Bowl commercial price is approximately $5 million for a 30-second commercial, a more than 10% increase from last year.


Cheesysmile32 says:

Why do Doritos have so much problems

Theoph: COD ,Sn'D & more says:

mlg doritos comercial on my channel !!!!!!

larry lomascolo says:

they all sucked and stupid

chrisregpick says:

Why do I not see any post from you anymore? I miss them.

MrsDenise83 says:

0:511:01 and 3:323:49 had me dying laughing! Thx for posting

Dante Bobenko says:


Sam Carden (AHatterInTraining) says:

Lately your videos have been pretty bad, I have to say I expect more from you

Mr.Anonymous says:

More Yeshmin please…….

oolong2 says:

The worst commercials where the best ones. These commercials were horrible.

Tamerlane (Timur) says:

Jimmy you so old! haha :D

hackjilton says:

The crystal ball one was probably my favorite superbowl commercial of all time

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