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Abby offers up a solo to JoJo, one of the dancers from her Ultimate Dance Competition, instead of the other girls in this scene from Episode 3 (JoJo with a Bow Bow) of Dance Moms Season 5.

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Dance Moms
Season 5
Episode 3
JoJo with a Bow Bow

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Isabella Dinorcia says:

JoJo is so confident i love that about her!

Kayla Dill says:

guest 1st

FALCONSden says:

jo jo has a youtube video

Samantha Counterman says:

I don't know why holly and nia would automatically think it would be nia because jojo deserves a solo

Lucia Rejects says:

If you touch Jojo you will get sparkle on your hand, haha. She's cute.

Prizmaa CS GO and CoD says:

I went from LeafyIsHere to MattyB to this….

Eva Bravo says:

it look like Maddie was looking nervous

SuperFatPotatoes says:

Look at. 00:54 it look like maddie is jelly or worried

Amina Botan says:

was holly wearing shoes

jasmine camargo says:

they just come in to the studio acting like if there maddie and like if they own the studio .that lady that said this is my studio she is rong because it's Addy

Amy Lara says:

good luck with your dance

BB Butterball says:

Jojo is on dance moms oh my gosh

Hannah says:

I feel like now, Jojo has humbled herself a lot and is a different person. she has learned a lot at the aldc


Jojo. Is. The. Coolest. Girl. Ever. She. Smart funny. Let. Play. True or. Dare I. Dare. U. To. Prank. Maddie

Savannah Sendew says:

either maddie is really small or jojo is really tall…

PoleCravings says:

My niece and I have watched JoJo grow as a dancer and performer since she began her journey with the ALDC. She has grown in leaps and bounds (no pun intended) A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Evie Summer says:

is that JoJo imj you know Matty B

Tiara Ingram says:

Jojo with to bow bow

Meia Binstead says:

I love it keep up the good work

Louise Hook says:

"Jo Jo With The Bow Bow" 😀 Can't stop laughing at this!!!

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