World of Tanks – Fun with Physics!

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World of Tanks v9.14! Now with 100% added physics at no extra cost! What could possibly go wrong? 😉

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TexasNeL says:

love the latest update, very very good sounds, and enjoy the physics. finaly some people will start to think before they make a move by rushing full speed

Gregory Oakes says:

"EYES, RIGHT! Eye contact, align to the right. Left, right, left. READY, FRONT!"

boomcat1337 says:

What is that for a sound track at the end, were the T-43 goes rampage in town ??

poke2911 says:

Every single physics patch is another nerf to light tanks which are the only vehicles these changes really affect anyway :/ I hope wargaming give light tanks another look in terms of rebalancing

legrandboubou says:

Good job again.
Lache pas la patate mon homme.

Evan Yother says:

Don't you just love when your teams top tier heavy tank sits in the back of the map when the rest of the team is dying? Not in this video but just funneling some frustration from a game I just had.

Sir Franzelot says:

i think from that angle, the mutz should have been able to pen the roof of the st1, but for that he first had to actually hit it

Mietas2 says:

I always thought that was some random elevator music ;)

Killzxc 1 says:

New intro?

Christopher Maciulaitis says:

I remember way back when, playing on Prokhorovka I managed to stick a slow wee Matilda on it's side. I only wish I saved gameplay recordings back then.

Also, who doesn't carry a fire extinguisher?

Robert Haxor says:

Can the crew get out and flip the tank?

Mark “steve” Mendoza Hernandez says:

4:16 anyone feel like Jackson in the tower from saving private Ryan?

TheGreatRakatan says:

Hey Jingles, saw this on steam and thought you might get a kick out of it seeing as you enjoyed torturing people with Girls und Panzer. It's a Tank Dating Simulator. I'm not in any way affiliated with this, just thought you might find it amusing.

MegaRaven100 says:

Canadians, whether of Quebec or Anglo types proved in both WW I and II proved to be among'st the very best 'British' Troops, Always good! Shame on you Mr J! G'day Mate!

Add Name says:

Is it bad that i cant play a single game in my chaffee without flipping over?

TheHelleri says:

I wonder if the E-25 had himself a little rage quit, lol.

AlexP66 says:

Ugh tanki online all over again…

Jaden Larson says:

Jingles I don't mean to be rude but that was pretty offensive

SuperBuizelll says:

You'd think the crew of reasonably lightweight vehicles like the T67 and T-43 would be able to right the tank if it didn't flip all the way. I'd like to see a mechanic where this happens at a speed depending on the crew's repair skill.

lim zijing says:

LOL dat E25 is so wrong for doing dat lol

nephalos666 says:

And this is why i hate the new physics engine

Wavelength RenegadeReef says:

"Better physics."
First game I played with the Hetzer (my favorite tank) after the update, I did a 810-degree spin by driving down a hill.
"Better" physics.

Christopher Chen says:

how do you change the side bars to show tank names, not the names of the players?

Rod 1984 says:

E-25, me doing 30kph, hit a small bump, flip and explode….

Or, go over small bump at 20-30kph, track breaks….

WoT 5 frigging years of BS!

Megaladon7k says:

a Kv-2 in chat saying the 152 is bad? what is wrong with him

BACONMAN224 says:

keep more like these coming Jingles!

destroyka777 says:

Good guy E-25

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