World of Tanks – Development: How We Made the New Physics

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Update 9.14. brought improved physics for vehicle movement. How was it created? What exactly was made? What can we expect in the future? The developers themselves answer these questions and more in the new episode of WoT Development. Happy viewing!

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hivemind99999 says:

It's all very nice, but when remove gold ammo and start to fight like real tanks and not at 100mts?
And btw, we don't need/want "action packet gameplay", but a tank fight…

TheKenji2221 says:

Where can I buy that T-Shirt ?

t k says:

nice step!!!
Now get some amendments. Fying, roling and bouncing tanks… do sth with that! 🙂
And why all tanks are farster exept jgtiger 8.8? After that patch it stopped spinning ?!?!

Procrastinator7 says:

"issues with team balance" Great to hear that you acknowledge that this is a problem!

Christian Wertti says:

Funny how everyone's complaining that the game has a million flaws, then everyone says how easy it is to fix it all with one thing. Except it's not that easy when there are so many "single fixing factors", even more so when half the "solutions" contradict the other half.

Zivko Runic says:

still crap FPS and a shit engine :S

No0dLz says:

13:21: everything has been said.

drprzulj says:

The problem I would like WG to pay attention is cheating. There are 2 mods I would really like to be banned: Aimbot and Broken Destructibles. Aimbot is used for finding weak spots and modules on enemy tanks and it will automatically aim at them. Broken Destructibles will show you on the minimap each time someone break something on the map, for example lamp posts, fences, trees… By my estimation 60% of players are using those cheats in skirmishes and clan wars. Because of that, I'm in doubt whether to quit playing or to use cheats. Most likely I will quit.

PanKerbal says:

7:40 how can i get this wot development branch – how we made new physics tank? It looks funny

Bada Bing Bada Boom says:

I work at WG and this is not how we made the new physics, this is only a video to manipulate the community of WoT. I would love to tell you how we made the new physics, but when I got home after work the next morning I had such an outrageous hang-over that I forgot what happened at work.

deathmen205 says:

easy Spg need to small damage not 1k just 800 damage only

MasterFerd Gamen says:

don't nerf arty!

Petr Sramek says:

Go out with Artilery PLS,game need this,view WoT Blitz-no artilery-no problems with oneshot-no rage!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you.

epicwarding says:

Fix the matchmaking

Gastonsolex says:

I love realism, and i love news sounds and Physics !

Levente Schwanberger says:

Dear WG can you opimalize the game? If you can please do it! :)

King George V says:

It would be really great if you could have similar training battles to World of Warships. If you could drive around a new map on your own without having to invite anyone, if the ammo resuply was free, and if you could place bots in your or enemy team and choose any tank you want them to be, or you want them to be afk or active and armed. I mean you already have bots for tier 1 (t10 bots don't have to be smart, it's enough if they could only move and fire at you).

And about 9.14… It's the greatest freaking update!!!

tommy Spee says:

Hello WG, i have a bug where charkov doesn't load. The map stays blue and only the tanks are visible, not the map. Is this a known bug or am I the only one with this bug? Help please!

Levente Schwanberger says:

Game is great, but pls nerf arty!

Dineontitan says:

I don't understand these people saying the sounds and physics are worse, to me it feels really good. especially the guns sound much more impressive

[̲̅G̲̅][̲̅A̲̅][̲̅M̲̅][̲̅E̲̅][̲̅S̲̅] [̲̅&̲̅] [̲̅M̲̅][̲̅O̲̅][̲̅R̲̅][̲̅E̲̅] says:

WG is lika a Lada, you will get from A to B like in a Mercedes, it will only take you years..

PROfromCRO says:

great 🙂 , now its time to heavily nerf arty.

thepuma2012 says:

working with tanks and compergames with a T – shirt that has little ducks and baby duck on it like a 3 years old child should wear

Orlando Frederick says:

one problem in my opinion i cant tell the differences between what gun just fired plz help

Zvalgas says:

new physics… ok if you want, but why screw sounds…I mean c'mon, when tank hit, it same sound when you fire can from air rifle…when you fire it same sound if you shoot air rifle, cheap….

fruchtsaftmann says:

Good guy WG making up for the 10.0 failure

Dario Zanze says:

I havent played for 3-4 months.
Are heavy tanks still shit?
Did they listened only to stat-pading unicums advices and made mediums even more OP?
Is it worth to try and play this game again?

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