FORESHADOW OF THE 5TH TRUMPET? Zika Virus, Genetically Modified Mosquito’s and Hybrid Locust

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The recent news that genetically modified mosquito’s would be released in Florida to help fight the Zika Virus raises much suspicion. While scientists continue to suggest it has no effect on the environment, the end of the road for this type of behavior is the wrath of God as partially described in Revelation 9. On the fifth trumpet, the Abyss is opened, and locust appear. In connection to the Apollo Brain Project, what we see here is another creature that will run a muck in the end of days.





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Revan Tobias (ImperialTory) says:

scientists… STOP MESSING WITH Jesus' CREATION!! U aren't that smart.

The Hot Diggity Show says:

Dude, who is the artist! The pictures are beautiful! The content, of course, is excellent. THank you for your work!

SFHFWill says:

All prophecies can be stalled if we turn to G-d bc the world creates it's own destruction. I believe these locus are machines of war. Man will seek to overthrow G-d by creating what he envisions to be greater out of pride. I can only guess that these are GMOs that spread disease, some of these locus will be unable to find some people. A crises that will be 'miraculously' halted by the world leader. The bottomless pit would be the ability for a man's mind to merge with machine. The intelligence that would grow from that would be limitless in scope, a black nothing that goes on forever in cyber space. Could be, who knows?

AreDubyaBee says:

Hey Gonz, I just saw this article on Huff Post about Google Alpha Go AI beating the Go game world leader, and how we should "legit worry" about it… interesting read

SouthernGospelGal62 says:

IMO the zika virus was released to promote abortion on demand including full term babies. Culling of the herd.

Cathie Z says:

Hi Gonz! I believe the whole Zika thing is an experiment by the elite in their journey towards depopulation. I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory — but it's what I truly think. They're all about control and lowering the population — what better way than to use disease. Thanks for another great, informative video! God Bless You!

144 Ky says:

Do you use "neural-style" or are the pictures of your video done by hand (or a photo editing software)?

Merrimour TheRed says:

wow ,  I'm thankful where I live , mosquitos don't go into bite mode due to what ever weather conditions of the high mountains … haven't had a mosquito bite since I moved to BC Canada 4 years ago … TIME TO MOVE TO THE MOUNTAINS EVERYONE … but as Gonz says don't fear , Jesus is coming back … great report dude … God Bless

ducktape775 says:

Very interesting. What is the name of the outro song?

SuperLindarella says:

The dragon who drags a third of the stars to earth with its tail is also the king of the bottomless pit. Apollyon.. And he will first stand in the sky where he shouldn't be. Those locusts are the stars he drags to earth, described metaphorically. Iron could be what they are with a flowing magnificent tail and defined face. Like those weird plasma comets in the sky maybe. Gods perspective is not on our tiny programmed brains scale. We need to know what the surviving ancients saw pass over, that's what will be back "angrier" then ever.

Chris Morrissey says:

Oh, yeah! Those mosquito's are gonna reek hell….well thank GOD I live in the middle of the Atlantic. Blow wind blow. birds have a hard time around here.

John Rider says:

its pre trib and you dont have a clue how to read the scriptures
wake up

Titus Frost says:

So the end time hybrids you mentioned have breast plates like iron, so that confirms they are transhumanist correct as you define transhumanist as mixing of iron with clay? Transhumanists will likely not only mix with the machine world, but also with other species no? A mix of cross species eugenics and machine world interface? Thus trapping their souls in the physical world, the electric universe.

mixuletz says:

The most noticeable effect Zika has is on pregnant women and the children they carry. Matthew 24:19 "How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers!". Just saying.

l BRACKY,T says:

thanks for updates Bro JESUS CHRIST GOD'S only begotten Son set us free Amen

JESUSisLORD4123 says:

Just think what a mighty force we christians would be if we quit all our bickering, and join together to spread the HOLY GOSPEL OF LORD JESUS CHRIST ! WOW, WOULDN'T THAT BE REALLY AMAZING !!! So why don't we do it ??????????????

Bryan YSQ says:

Only 144000 can go to heaven O.o?

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