DAMNING New UFO Video Near Boston! They’re Everywhere 3/15/16

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Yellow UFO Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws8fLY5sk_o
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abbyboyone says:

no comments from the person who shot the video? hmmm.

Fernando Raeliano says:

what is the litle point above " ufo"?

Daniel Crossley says:

i gota start randomly recording during a cloudy or rainy day

Naomi Starling says:

Crazy. Absolutely amazing

Will Meek says:

It's a pigeon

Peter Bott says:

It's a Rupture, but with no rust WTF?

Martin C says:

looks to me like a bunch of balloons wrapped in nylon. the one floating away has detached still inflated. the other has deflated and is falling.

jaybay ox says:

looks like a kite

Brian Hunter says:

sorta looks like russian su-27

alxrs4 says:

move out dude lol

Dave Taylor says:

This sucks but what can you expect from a child's mind

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