Breaking News UFOs Are BACK Groundbreaking SIMULTANEOUS UFO Military Drones?2016

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Breaking News UFOs Are BACK Ground Breaking SIMULTANEOUS UFO Military Drones? Breaking News UFOs Are BACK At JACK’s RANCH! THEY HAVE A TRIPOD ­čÖé Nice UFO Footage 2016 Mulitple Shots From Jacks Ranch With Bruce On Tripod!

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Christopher Williams says:

omg that was 2 days ago march 16 2016´╗┐

Suomy Nona says:

Dude wtf OMG..,,thats a fucking coyote. Their eyes glow at night from the moon´╗┐

Jeremiah Rodriguez says:

nice Its a Alien Drone there coming aaahhh!!! lol´╗┐

Paul G says:

each one you put out and knowing it's fake. I'll pray that you live many lives and biggest cocks to exist, shoved in your asses.´╗┐

Paul G says:

shame on these shameful people.´╗┐

UFO channel says:

Awesome footage thirdphaseofmoon keep up the great work…. the day I see an extraterrestrial in person and shack its hand┬áis the day ill be jumping for joy and so much more…….´╗┐

Mike Mike says:

why this ficking music?´╗┐

MrXilef74 says:

todos tus videos son una mierda´╗┐

Brad Tyler says:

Always great music´╗┐

Brad Tyler says:

Always great music´╗┐

michael hammond says:

again jacks back to attack. Seriously, every video taken at same angle with other objects only moving laterally. you never see one coming or going or vectoring at an angle. Literally in 2 dimension.´╗┐

Enheim says:

stop talking like a robot dude´╗┐

shan buck says:

yeah i agree lets get Jack a better camera.´╗┐

russ chembo says:

They are back at jacks ufo truck stop .´╗┐

SAM MCD says:

Mantengan los ojos en el cielo´╗┐

shan buck says:

wow wow wow,love too camp at jacks for a month or two ,will pay good money too.Third phase love ya work.´╗┐

Jeff Stendel says:

The more you call the demons and want to see them the more they will come.´╗┐

Chris Dooley says:

Looks like a drone to me :/´╗┐

Sonja says:

Want to see live from space, go to ISS (NASA International Space Station live cam).

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