Why Do Women Lose Weight When Breastfeeding?

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Why do women lose weight when breastfeeding? I would think that the sheer exhaustion of taking care of a newborn and haggard sleep schedule would cause weight gain.

Working a night shift is linked to serious weight gain. However, babies aren’t up all night, though it seems that way.

So how do they lose weight while breastfeeding?

When a woman is breastfeeding, she is giving the baby the equivalent of 500 calories each day.

And she’s burning those calories, whether or not she’s working out.

As long as she’s breastfeeding the baby. And that’s why women lose their milk when they are starving.

So breastfeeding women are losing weight because of the breastfeeding, because a diet would stop the breastfeeding.

Somewhat. A woman can and should eat a healthy diet when she’s literally eating for two.

Though she needs to drink for two.

Yes, hydration is critical for breastfeeding women.

And breast-feeding will help you get into your pre-pregnancy jeans.

You’ll lose ten to fifteen pounds during childbirth, half of which is the kid. Breastfeeding helps you lose another ten or so.

So breastfeeding won’t help you lose fifty pounds.

No, and breastfeeding isn’t possible if you go on a crash diet to lose those fifty pounds.

So the best way to lose weight after childbirth is to breastfeed and walk a lot. What is better — baby and me yoga or a jogging stroller?

If possible, don’t gain fifty pounds in the first place. You’ll reduce your risk of diabetes and childbirth complications as well as the need to lose all that weight.

OK, but that doesn’t mean breast isn’t best.

For the baby, perhaps. But not necessarily for you and your weight loss goals.

You may be right. If it was a miracle weight loss cure, you’d find women volunteering to be nursemaids after their kids are weaned to maintain their figures.


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