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Perfect smoothie for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and weight loss! Many women gain weight during pregnancy, substituting a meal for this smoothie will not only keep you and your baby healthy, but it will also help you lose weight!
Blessings! LET’S DO THIS!

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Claudia Nassoiy says:

I am looking for a video from you about how you get your hair to be so pretty 😀 do you have one?

singngurli4jc says:

What is the special ingredient called? I couldn't quite hear what it was. Fennel Wheat??

Sandy Forero says:

Hola Rawana Me ENCANTAN tus re eras. Donde consigues Los cocos con la carne. Como sedice esto en ingles? Gracias por el tiempo que Tomas en compartir..A mi tambien me facina la fruta.

David Anthony says:

my twin sister just had a baby just b4 you published this, perfect timing! Imma show here this & hope she becomes vegan too

mohand imran says:

I hair loss some ! you help me about fruit which ??

Coco says:

her skin and hair look so lovely! raw vegan is the best diet, but it is a struggle when going out to eat with friends :(

Rhonda D says:

avocados are great replacement for those of us that cannot have nuts. Try avocado with honey it's delicious

Andrea Etain Thorpe says:

Thank you for making this video! I'm a high carb vegan for abut 3 years now and I just gave birth to my first baby in June 2015. I'm honestly having issues with my milk supply and just looked up supplements to help. I found out about fenugreek and this smoothie looks like a fun and tasty way to get it in! I've also been low in iron as a postpartum momma and even though I'm eating greens everyday do you have any other suggestions? Thank you!!

nadia R says:

how often do you drink the smoothie ,once or how many times a day?

Gladis Moncada Cano says:

quiero la receta d este batido en español Xf gracias

Dora arias says:

That smoothie look good 

Rosy Pineda says:

Truly LOVE your video's!  Don't every stop.  Would you do a video of smart shopping on a budget.  I know its worth it but I feel, I'm spending way more over my food budget at home.   Also, would you do another video "How to clean your fruits and veggies".  Step by step. Thank you.

K-Mo aplantlovedlife says:

+Rawvana English  What would be a good raw smoothie recipe for detoxing off of meds? Like what is a good flush for your system to cleanse the meds from your body? IE; lexapro. It is an anti-anxiety medication, and it wrecks havoc on your body.

ⓋTiNⓋ says:

Thank you!!

Rawsomehealthy says:

I am a breast feeding mama and went through pregnancy on a high-fruit raw vegan lifestyle. I have so much milk that I don't need to be taking anything extra like fenugreek. Fruits, greens, some fats  and viola, high quality, abundant milk!

Candace Valenzuela says:

i love this! I plan on eating lots of next pregnancy!

Raw Alignment says:

Hi there +Rawvana English ! <3 I noticed that you are on the list of special guests again for the Woodstock Fruit Festival. I remember meeting you at the end of the WFF last year, I would be so grateful to attend this fruit fest and get to hangout with you this year! I have created a "go fund me" page in hopes that this dream will become a reality! I will truly appreciate any support that is sent my way! <3  Thank you for all of your amazing videos and inspiration on instagram! Keep rockin' it girl!

Andrea Smith says:

Your hair looks lovely!

Angel Ann says:

Pretty awesome supplement. Makes weight loss really easy and it gives me no gas. The last one I tried gave me horrible gas and stomach cramps, but Weight loss green store tea  worked better.

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