Lexus LF-LC Concept Car – Behind the Scenes Design Process With CALTY

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Designing the Lexus hybrid concept coupe was exciting for the Calty
designers. Get their behind-the-scenes take on this stunning new

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Designing The LF-LC: Behind The Scenes With CALTY


Ammar AlShehhi says:

2:11 I really want to know what he's  listening for 😛 

Jonathan Han says:

Congratulations. You have created the main body form of the car by picking up a random bean pod from a early morning hike, and compressing it into aluminum.

musete10 says:

The car is fantastic

ramenbo says:

beautiful harmony of form

99keltin says:

they said it's cheaper than LFA and 'affordable' so guess again?

patakisfriend says:

I'd marry an engineer if he could build me a sexy car like that!

Ivan Miasnikov says:

Sick! I wonder how affordable it's going to be and how many of them they're going to make

MrFurkettun says:

Build it lexus.

nexgenjdm says:

Music please, Shazam was of no help on this one!

FilthyMX HD says:

let me guess the price 1,000,000,000 luckey guess

masahiro nakano says:

what's the name of this music?

Reinaldo Cordero says:

Wowwwww! That's truly engineering and Design!!!!

kiano60 says:

I agreen, I used to work there and she dressed beautifully everyday.
Fashionistas. 🙂

Sharu S says:

WOW, i thought th LFA is stunning but this LF-LC is even sexier

Alan Keel says:

i'm also curious about the music used in this. anyone?

nabbunsechkie says:

we need more videos like this.

Qeaffinite says:

What a sexy car. This video is incredible. The amount of time and dedication speaks volumes and is such a beautiful nod to all the industrial designers out there. I'm also pretty crazy about this background music, does anyone know?

sonydominates says:

I get design ideas from nature too!! 😀

Calvin Chan says:

Hello StewardIie, I think the woman is really work with manicure dress stilettos and make up, because she is one of designers of Nexus / Toyota, not a worker. I'm really apprecaited your observation.
Besides, she is my Aunt's sister.

Calvin Chan from Hong Kong

TheStimie says:

leave it just like that

Steward Lie says:

LOL did the woman really work with manicure dress stilettos and full on make up? Nevertheless, excellent video though

Salman Ahmed says:

Wow so Amazing

scootosan says:

I have a portfolio of my sketches, oh wait those are my doodles from when I am on hold…nevermind

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