Exclusive Look: 2015 Ford Mustang GT Interior Design Process on Everyman Driver

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Trey “XcerptShow” S says:

In the first few seconds after seeing that weirdo wearing the scarf, blazer and faded jeans it was obvious if he was in charge of styling then it would suck…

chltmdwp says:

Some people don't appreciate the old school style. Fucking cokehead youngsters listening to wubwubs or house electroskzns fake music.

epa316 says:

I haven't seen the mycolor gauge option on the 2015, where you can change the color of the gauges. It's not on the website anywhere as standard or optional, unless it's considered part of the track apps.

Tyler Durden says:

Whoever designed the outside is a Fing genius! Whoever designed the inside should be shot. No trial, No jury, Straight to execution!
The problem is way too many people making decisions on the interior, when you are dealing with the looks of a product, that can be a bad idea. Hodgepodge. As the french say "Le Crappe".

Tyler Durden says:

TOO F-ING RETRO AND CHEAP. Stop with the retro shit, "oh it needs to look like a 1964", it's 2015, make a nice modern interior already! The 64 was great if you like that look then go get one. Personally I want a badass interior, not a fing round bowl on the steering wheel with chrome all over. Its just confusing. Might as well not use LEDS, they are not retro, oh clear coats too, abs, etc. The outside looks nice and sleek and the inside looks like a mess, might as well add some engine turn to the dash so I can just barf already.
I want to feel like i'm driving a nice 30K+ car not a fing 1964 airplane.
I get it, the car has been around a while but making it look all retro with chrome all up in every area ain't helping nobody. Stop looking back and start looking forward!!! Think GTR! The japaneese know how to move forward with a model and look fresh. Americans will never learn. Of course some people will think "it looks great" those are the people who were like, "wow that pontiac aztec is so awesome"

John Edge says:

I don't care if it's roman noodles soup I'm getting the Premium GT

Chris Dixon says:

That tie is HUGE!  

adamzizhere says:

Is the screen display only for those who have navi for the 2015 mustang? Or do all of the 2015 mustangs come with the touch screen display with or without the screen display?

Norwegian Soul says:

Awesome Car!! Im getting one!

Christian S says:

His neck must be cold.

cameron clark says:

Rather have a corvette 

harrison smith says:

Interior is good but it has problems

HybridEnergy says:

I like when dumb ass automatic shift nobs try really hard to look manual. lmao

onelasttitan says:

love the interior, looks much much for improved than my 08 model.

David Charles says:

That rear fender mounted antennae is going to get broken a lot. Had one on a 124 Spider convertible and taking things out of the rear seat you would swing around while turning and clip the antennae. Hope it's flex mounted. Can't believe it's not located within the windshield.

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