Advanced Logo Design Process – Adobe Illustrator

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Amazing design resources!

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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Griffin GFX says:

And after all that the client says let's try something else, I feel the pain dude, one of the hardest things I find is when the client has a bad taste for art, and wants something not old school, but just out dated and crappy, and you have to say "weeeelllllll what about something like this" and they're just not having it. Nice video dude, jus watched a few of yours now it's time to sub 🙂 keep designing.

jose rivera says:

the tooth looks a little taunting, the one that looks like 2 ice creams… it looked like im looking forward to getting my tooth cracked haha i really like the last version you had.

Kyle Parks says:

Being pretty familiar with Illustrator I really enjoy someone who talks fast. Dont stop. Leave beginner speeds for beginners.

Nic Green says:

You say you're getting married? Best wishes :)

Daniel Russell says:

I love the logo, it looks wonderful. I have a quick question: how do I get my name out if I decide to start trying to sell logos? I'm going to make some fictional companies to practice logo design, but how should I get my name out there? I was thinking about trying to contact local businesses so maybe that's a start

Stun Gunnington says:

your name is the name of my college. great tutorials

dipsmoke says:

The early work looks cool stylistically, but it also looks like a cracked tooth. So from business point of view the final result is way better.

Kinxzy says:

nice tooth

John Sun says:

The line art logo of the tooth is better than your finsihed ice cream cone looking logo, to be honest.

Manish Acharya says:

clients are always thanks for sharing though.

Bako Kay says:

Great tutorial and thanks for the information but you sound a bit drunk ,haha .

MetalPrincess861 says:

I really liked this video and your final design for this! One thing I noticed that a lot of designers do when presenting their logo design is show it on a business card photo or on tshirt photo and I think that looks really nice. Do you have any tutorials about that?

Lilly Castitatis says:

Timos Zerbas? It sounds greek 

JerrySpringer420 says:

I don't disrespect your work or anything, and the final logo looks great.
But what makes this advanced? I'd say this is a really common way to create logos.

Obsidiax says:

Hey Will, I'm trying to create some logos for made up companies for practice – I'm eventually going to create full brands for each of these fictitious companies but the logos are the first step.

I was just wondering if you could give me some advice, I've been working on a logo for a made up networking company called Hive and all my iterations revolve around the same general idea. I like what I've done so far, but I don't love it, so my question is this – how do you know when to keep plugging away at an idea and when to scrap it and try a completely different direction? I feel like I'm at a point where I would consult the client for their feedback on the direction I'm taking but since there is no client I don't know whether to persevere or not.

Roberto Blake says:

Great short tutorial Will! this definitely is powerful for designers of all skill levels. Combining simple geometric shapes and taking advantage of positive and negative space and other core design principles makes all the difference!

Daniel Kerlin says:

Hello, Just wanted to say I really like your channel! Keep up the good work!

Ling Tang says:

Do you have a behance?

Nicolette Shasky says:

I stumbled upon your channel just looking for more creative people like myself and I must say I love your channel! I wouldn't call typography my strongest suit in design so I think your videos will be very helpful for me to grow in this area as a designer. I'm commenting on this video particularly because I find watching other peoples' process very intriguing yet relatable. You've inspired me to do a video like this in the future. Thank you and keep up the awesome work! Looking forward to more videos!


talk about grids

Thijs Hamers says:

Hey there,
On my MB Pro Retina the document window is floating, but I want it to stick to the program.
Anyone who knows how to fix that?

Zombae says:

Nice! I've been loving your videos, as a graphics student I find them really useful and easy to understand, some things I've always wanted to do but had no idea how to go about them or search for them, and you cover a lot of my questions, so thank you Will! :)

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