Medical Cannabis South Africa – Carte Blanche

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Medical cannabis is being heavily debated in South Africa. Carte Blanche aired this program on 17th May 2015. This is a positive take on the medical side from America to South Africa, interviewing patients and highlighting the activism that is taking place in South Africa and the rest of the world. Viva Dagga.


modise Osca says:

Wow imma hit a joint right away

Adam South says:

Legalizing weed in SA will be a huge advantage to our economy !

phalafala sathekge says:

I had asthma, signascitis and ramatism, HEY and 4 the best part of it all it work out well im fully cured and it helped m a great deal. Most of all though, it made m a beter Rap Artist through creativity impulse and nueral plascicdy, my way of saying thank you to the Blessed HERB and The PEOPLE

chris havenga says:

it took away my dads epilepsie and i have adhd and depresion

Lesedi Finger says:

I think im gonna vote for EFF so they can legalize weed.#weed saves life

kugelchen05 says:

thank your for this upload!

greetz from germany=)

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