Medical Cannabis Australia – Sunday Night (15th Jun 2014)

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News Story run on the 15th Jun 2014 on Channel 7 Sunday Night (7:40 News Program)… About Medical Cannabis in Australia, and the NEED for our politicians to stand up and make changes to the laws in this country so chronically ill and dying individuals (such as the debilitating sufferers of uncontrolled Epilepsy, Cancer, etc.) will stop being criminalised for using a medicine “Mullaways Cannabinoid Tincture” which works best for them and their condition (and in some cases is literally saving children’s lives)…


James Gleason says:

he died? God bless u :)

Jake Clarke says:

how cruel & inhumane! treated like a criminal too ease suffering! why is it not legal yet!!! I bet things would change awfully fast if they (politicians and the like) had to deal with a terminally ILL child/loved one. how inconsiderate!

Sorcha Stempa says:

fuck the government, medicinal cannabis is giving people a chance to live whats wrong with that? i just hope that my essay and speech ( has to be on a topic we feel strongly on) can change ppls minds that this is the way and its to say no is to say to people no you cant live

Paul Kirwan says:

I have suffered Chronic Back pain for 17 years. I have been treated with Oxycontin which helps but as the years go on they are having litttle effect. I am trying to get off them which has the most horrible side effects, Its worse than the problem. I have become to the stage where life is just exsisting. Doctors should be able to give me a scrip. Please I am at the end of the rope. If someone can help as I am in Melbourne reply to this message . This is for Medical Perpass only I dont want anyone to in trouble but so we will be discrete.

Nathan Mulready says:

R.I.P Dan Hasslam. May your fight not be in vain.

Jayan Divakaran says:


Austin Young says:

RIP Dan. You fought a good fight.. Now you are at peace.

Ozgrandmother says:

The most sickening thing is the doctors who knows very well  the oil can cure. BUT doctors need 'customers'. Imagine ALL cancers would be cured with this oil; do you realise the billions of dollars the chemical companies would loose? All the cancer associations/council ect  who thrive on it , like that stupid pink ribbon? They would not be happy. They don't want you to get better.They only care about the money they make and unfortunately our government is full of unknowledgeable people.Has any one of the health ministers do any research about the oil? Why do they have to test it when it is known all over the world to work? When are Australia's politicians going to grow up ?Unlike them, I hope that all the patients using the oil ,keep using it and get better.

KayEraMusiq says:

Legalize it and save some lives

Benjimen Reed says:

Heavy cannabis use lowers you're chances of lung cancer!

puppup zera says:

get better mate

Shaun says:

Come on Australia, legalize it already!

DesaStables says:

Usa is not much better…Only legal in a couple states…meanwhile the rest of the nation is suffering and dying from their cancers…These politicians and anyone prosecuting people for this ARE the CRIMINALS!!!

richay kitch says:

drop chemo and get on the oil before it is to late the chemo is killing him

Matthew Caligari says:

I am 34 years old and on 160mg OxyCodone a day for chronic pain. I would happily stop the opioids for Medical Cannabis.  

Stefan Eriksson says:

he should eat the cure his cancer..please look at run from the cure

Scott Young says:

If you could grow your own medicine then the pharmaceutical companies would go bust. The medical profession don't want cures. In fact, they want the opposite. They want more sick people. More sick people means more sales because they'll be buying more useless drugs from pharmaceutical companies that don't cure anything. The skeptics and the powerful pharmaceutical companies work together to make sure that marijuana stays illegal at all costs. 

ziggy Williams says:

Is some one going to arrest that cop.I grew a plant cops stole it and I got arrested .Whats up with that?

The Evening Tiger says:

 Majority of Politicians are just watching out for their own interest. 
Why would anyone prohibit something that can save and better lives.

Dave em says:

Just seeing the stubbornness and ignorance shown by law enforcement and Aussie politicians makes me sick to the stomach     

Dave em says:

Every individual on this earth should be able to grow cannabis freely according to his/her needs, and if the state interferes then they are the criminals period, cannabis has never ever killed a human being, and cannabis side effects or being dependent on it is a joke when compared to tobacco and alcohol, stop the nonsense already.    

whenthewheelsturn says:

Tonight's show proves we are living in a state that is a prison.
Cannibas has been used for millennia and will continue to be held in an uneducated ingnorant view by persons whom don't want the truth to get out.this plant will save the planet it has over a thousand uses .it even was one of the main ingredients in Jesus christs anointing oil.When will good hard working citizens stop being taken for a ride by corporate and government interests and political agendas and big pharmaceutical companies .This
is stupidity at its worst

hate on me says:

legalise it, tax it, prescribe it, people that drive while under the affects of weed should be fined as reckless driving, under the use of weed similar to alcohol, people that use it while driving, should be in trouble. 

Dee Hunter says:

It was put here naturally for us to use in all aspects!!!!

Alexander Dowding says:

The resounding NOs of the politicians just reinforce my belief that politicians are heartless, soulless blood sucking creatures of the night.

Get rid of those who stand stubbornly against this issue even when the public demand and expect otherwise.

Only vote in representatives who represent your best interests.

ziggy Williams says:

It's not a drug it's a herb .Herbs are good for every thing.

Troy Sawyer says:

The federal health minister should resign. What a twit!

Dayne Bond says:

all those health ministers should be sacked, gutless cunts.

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