How to Make Medical Cannabis Oil –

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Learn how to create Magical Butter Oil (MBO), medical cannabis oil, in the MagicalButter machine.
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crazycatbobby says:

just curious why it's a 4 hour cycle when a traditional rso is washed in alcohol for only 5 minutes.

Ruckus Piper says:

Obama is making it illegal for medical cannabis users to own guns fyi

Yassine Jenkal says:

also lets say I have an oz to use for a tincture recipe should I vape it or decarb for better results ?

Yassine Jenkal says:

what would the consistency of the ratio if I where to use vaped weed for oils tinctures also what makes more potent supplies ? vaped weed or oven decarbed weed ?

Yassine Jenkal says:

can I vaporize this ? I have tons of questions for yall !

Adam Chambers says:

amazing! Been searching for something like this for years! You guys are saving lives

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