California Marijuana Dispensary Video: Tour Harborside Health Center with founder Steve DeAngelo

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Have you ever been inside a marijuana (cannabis) dispensary? Ever wondered what a model medical cannabis facility looks like? Now’s your chance! Take an inside peek at the world’s largest and most reputable medical cannabis dispensary (with two locations in the San Francisco Bay area) serving as a model for the responsible distribution of cannabis medicine. Join Harborside Health Center co-founder and executive director, Steve DeAngelo, for an exciting and insightful tour of our world-class clinic…

Steve DeAngelo is an inspired leader who has contributed four decades of activism and advocacy to the cannabis reform movement. The media has described Steve’s landmark Harborside Health Center as a model facility combining safe access to a wide range of lab-tested cannabis medicines. In addition to offering the best quality medicine, Harborside also provides a full complement of free patient services, including a holistic healing clinic.

In December 2011, the California-based dispensary was featured in the internationally televised documentary series, “Weed Wars,” on the Discovery Channel. DeAngelo and Harborside have also led the way in resisting the U.S. attorneys’ crackdown on regulated medical cannabis providers in California, and currently are litigating two separate lawsuits against the federal government to halt federal efforts to close medical cannabis dispensaries.

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Aramis Da don says:

white snoop digg I swear

Hamm3rJack says:

It's a damn shame i don't live in Cali.

slillyfunbum says:

SO MUCH GOOD VIBES from this guy and the video and shop. Why can't the UK be like this? freaking mp's too scared to act, because it harms their PR

Las Vegas Nights says:

I saw the Harborside documentary on Netflix, good stuff

tom green says:

patience ,,, you mean people who just what to get high

Kelly Driskill says:

just what the internet needs…more half- cocked activists**sigh**

The DmaCk says:

Spirit energy? Idol worship!

Nur Mahmood says:

i wish we had this in Australia :(

Zach M says:

Calling Lester now let the heist begin

Andrew Stampfly says:

where do i apply to work here

Austin Fenske says:

Haha hahaha hah you all have fun with ur 15% THC and .00.1 cbd strain I can't smoke eneything less then 21%

Poland syndrome bodybuilding says:

white snoop

tenzin chodup says:

Wow he have all type of Indian and some Asian cultural things that's awesome

Dave Kemp says:

There needs to be a harbor side health clinic nationwide

Jonathan culiacan garcia Garcia says:

Wish it was near Los Angeles good medical shop

Pran Ran says:

Living in the UK is shit

Tyler Day says:

But was it 3rd party lab tested? Nope, only in Massachusetts.

jferrellHot says:

so i can order cannabis if im in washington dc?

theJimmy2 says:


Spiritual Rebel Lion 11:11 says:

dude ive idolized you for sooooo many years, i just want to thank the SHIT out of you for inspiring me as a youth to open my own dispensary to truly serve people who are in need. as well as people who just want to smoke grade A organic cannabis haha. I dont know if you know what reiki is but you should take a look at getting your plants treated with it. I have never heard it being done before but that is something I am going to have in my shop.

The Death Star says:

Cocktease for people living in the Uk

Joey19701975 says:

Patient haha

Aaron Bourbonnais says:

Off the hind soo where are the purity values of this hall or unto that refuge. Shouldn't would firm every point. Wait well no standing underpinning. 

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