Best Options Trading Strategies | Learn To Trade SPY Weekly Options

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Best Options Trading Strategies! In this Real Traders Webinar Weekly Hangout You’ll Learn… Best Weekly Options Trading Strategies!

You’ll learn strategies such as…

Here’s Just A Few Things You’ll Discover
On This Week’s LIVE Hangout…

* The Power of SPY Weekly Options…
And How to Substitute Your ES!

* What Options Marc Himself Chooses!

* The Delta He Uses On Option Chains!

* What Day Of The He Changes On The
Option Weekly Cycle!

* And So Many More Of The “Best Option
Trading Strategies” For Making Money
With Your Day Trading!

Learn this and so much more…


Francisco Gozon says:

awesome video, very good insight. There is a study i came across of when the options have the lowest theta impact and looking at the graph on that study the lowest theta impact is between day 21-11 and from day 11 it reaccelerates.

Jose Garcia says:

you guys are the best……..marc is the best bar none,grattitude!no one better to learn from than marc and i mean that !

Knuckle_Bump says:

I am as "green as they come." I know so little about options trading and I want to become savvy.What would you suggest

Keventrades says:

Thanks for sharing. great content

Tim Warren says:

good platform

aaa2782 says:

instead of buying the weekly option on wednesday due to Theta why not just buy next weeks weekly option ??

makaveli030 says:

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.

JQNEZ says:

Is there a tutorial on how he identified those buy and sell zone support resistance used in the charts? very helpful video btw

Sam anon says:

for beginners, would it be safer to trade the monthly options to reduce the effects of theta/time decay compared to the weeklys?

jc DEATON says:

Great from Arkansas

Courtney Martin says:

Great information Guys!!! Thanks, I learned some much needed information!

RealTraders Webinar says:

Yes Jospeh… Marc is using ThinkOrSwim… And he for his charts he uses his Day Trading Zones ProTools!


Joseph Mordetsky says:

What platform is he using? Is it thinkorswim?

Real Traders Webinar says:

Hey Charles, thanks so much for the feedback!

charles keeton says:

This was Gold..confirmed a lot of my own works..thanx for this

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