Astronomy Cast Ep. 404 -The Difference Between: Can’t Know, Don’t Know, & Just Awaiting Better Tech

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Join +Fraser Cain and +Pamela Gay for a live episode of Astronomy Cast. We’ll record our 30-minute show, and then stay tuned for them to answer questions!

Astronomy Cast Ep. 404 -The Difference Between: Can’t Know, Don’t Know, & Just Awaiting Better Tech


Adrian Morgan says:

The saying "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" was not original to Sagan. For more information, there's a December 2014 article by Daniel Loxton that's worth a read. Besides, the phrase is so pervasive that it deserves the cultural status of a proverb rather than merely a quotation, and the very act of attributing it seems to trivialise it.

N70SAK says:

Where's my Ringworld movie! :(

john clark says:

I got an i5 too. It runs on less power, and most people, even video gamers, don't need it.

Want to really piss people off? I have 2gb of ram. Yeah, (2). I run everything blazing fast, and no one is the wiser. People spend money on too much crap, lol. My video card cost me half the price of my entire computer (gtx 970). Muahahhaahha, haters gone hate.

Sune Bjerregaard says:

Fraser is 100% correct on Star Wars. The Expanse may not be perfect, but its good and it is original and intelligent. Star Wars is just big budget pew pew and deeply uninspiring.

Marilu says:

I hate my life but at least this makes it berbaale.

Bill Gordon says:

There is an interesting video about a new holographic telescope design to image extra solar planets on the Seti YouTube site on Feb. 12.

Bill Ricker says:

and yes, Rumsfeld's quote was good epistemology, but used to excuse war crimes.

Simple folks laughed at him because — like so much epistemology and philosophy — sounded like an overly complex version of obvious, but it was deep.

Bill Ricker says:

ouch, this is a un-edited archive of a live chat.
the set-up makes for a dull cold open for something marked as an Episode …

but i do love that Eps 404 is the Answer Not Found (yet) topic .

Dan Veesenmeyer says:

looking for someone that can identify a meteorite very rare that fits as lunite but contains copper and uranium that has a elevated levels of both also fits as cupalite with quasicrystals but contains colored diamonds

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