Walking War Robots [WWR] – LIVE STREAM – TEST SERVER – March 12, 2016 | ADRIANNNNNN

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This is a live stream of the TEST SERVER on March 12, 2016.

What’s being tested:
– new map prototype
– new medium robot
– new heavy robot

– Test Server Information –
In order to participate on the test server, click on the link below:

For more details on when the test server will be running, visit Walking War Robot’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/walking.war.robots

For instructions on how to install please click on the following link:

– Tips –
If you would like to leave a tip to support my YouTube channel, please click the link below:

– Credits –
Walking War Robots was developed by Pixonic.
For more information visit: http://pixonic.com/games/45

– Recording Program –

– Links –
Guide For Beginners (How I made MOST of my gold)

Walking War Robots Knowledge Base (This is where you can find all the stats for robots and weapons)

Walking War Robots Facebook page

Walking War Robots Forums (Clans recruit from here under the “Clans” section)

Walking War Robots Wiki (Another great community for WWR players)


Sam Diego says:

how do you go on live stream or test server

marquinhos marinho says:

my not es an droyd IOS es sansung galax tab 3

diegodinamita dd says:

hi , i think that they confused the speed with the robots because the heavy mech is more faster that the medium

Angel Caraballo says:


Anh Tuan says:

This new robot quit looking lost interest too

marquinhos marinho says:

adrian chong quiomo desbloquear esses robots my lvl es 27

Fire and Ice48 says:

29:20 that's because it's basically an Ancile shield

Thomas Taylor says:

What is a test server ?

Thomas Taylor says:

What is a test server

Fire and Ice48 says:

Adrian I think they should give the hydra 1000 more damage or 2 more shots because it's so weak.

Ole Lange says:

How long does every test server last,or is it not a specific duration??

ArdaGuyTR GT says:

Hey! The update dont come to me! Is it only on Android? Or just on China?

Alexander Beasley says:

Hi Adrian, thanks so much for putting this up. I had received an invite, but had trouble downloading the app and couldn't get another invite from Pixonic.

If you haven't already put in your feedback, here's is some of mine. If you agree with any of it, please be sure to include it. I'm sure the developers know and respect you. These are not in the category of "please let us sell our bots!" ideas, but real improvements to the gameplay.

1) There should be a way to gauge the health of friendlies.
2) There should be splash damage from destroyed / ejected bots. A 'high explosives' weapon for additional splash damage would be a very useful tactic.
3) Jump jets with fuel as opposed to a single burst, and leg damage if not cushioned by a softer landing.
4) 'Death from Above' – If a mech jumps and or lands on another there should be damage to both mechs, damaging the legs of the jumping mech, but significant damage to the other.
5) Active and Passive Radar – Would affect your ability to detect or be detected.
6) Heat Management – I'd really like to have this included. There really should be a limit to how many times you can fire an energy weapon before overheating. And of course, overheating should lead to a self-destruction.

Jeff Mensch says:

The Fuijin seems a bit over powering with three medium slots. Maybe it should have a light weapon slot up top? The Raijin on the other hand is somewhat wimpy for a large bot. Adding a light or even medium slot up top would balance it out. A great demo once again Adrian. Thanks for a sneak peak at the new toys.

Israel Davidz says:

que dia vai atualiza o WWR ??

Marcus Gates says:

how do you get those robet

Nizo Nizar says:

What would you buy first ? The medium or the heavy bot ?

Mark C says:

gutted that they cost gold!!!!!!

Met Auci says:

Adrian but you've already had the game update?

Ole Lange says:

Do i have to participate every time

ʄɛཞɠųʂ says:

Is the EP Magnum costing gold soon?

Bryce Shaw says:

How do you get into a test server?

Poukky Channita says:

Hey Adrian I got a new computer and can you download wwr?

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