Walking War Robots [WWR] – CLANS – VØX and BMF – No Man’s Land | ADRIANNNNNN

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In this action-packed game, clan VØX runs into clan BMF. The centre beacon area of the map was so deadly it was like no man’s land. Bots were strewn around centre showing the carnage both teams had amassed.

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Walking War Robots is developed by Pixonic.

Walking War Robots Facebook page

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iOS: https://goo.gl/Oywz4M
Android: https://goo.gl/KpgLQM

Outro Music
Bright Future – Silent Partner: https://youtu.be/j-eUXXW95Rg

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– Helpful Links –
Guide For Beginners (How I made MOST of my gold)

Walking War Robots Knowledge Base (This is where you can find all the stats for robots and weapons)

Walking War Robots Forums (Clans recruit from here under the “Clans” section)

Walking War Robots Wiki (Another great community for WWR players)


Kevin Bailey says:

Adrian I'm trying to see the live stream but it says it is offline how do I fix this?

John Cena says:

Adrian can you try using carnage with ancil and ecc Thunder please

buttwe sumer says:

15 more mins!

israel alvizar avalos says:

Cuando meterán los nuevos robots

Adam Kramczyński says:

when next live ?:)

ligthing dragon says:

I don't feel the boa as that strong.I know it can survive long but I feel like it doesn't do as much damage as when I pick up other bots.Like against a plasma rhino/griffin I feel like I suck.Can you change my mind,Adrian?:)

F says:

Where are you live streaming today

MasterChiefx38 says:

awww i wont be able to play this game anymore as it to big for my phone :(

buttwe sumer says:

Ur streaming today on the test server adrian ?

Joshua De Leon says:

I wish I can join the clan


Bob Animations says:

Yesterday I played a round of wwr and no one could die but lose their gun and the timer never stop, and then I got disconnected

victor Ahong says:

plis sub for adrian

Mario Jose Benavides Barocio says:

min 7:12 triple kill

Mario Jose Benavides Barocio says:

min 4:55 a enemy kilo one of his teammates

Kingani1 says:


3X0D0 B0NI3L [GC] says:

OMG the most epic battle i see

victor Ahong says:

adrian i have carnage bot yay

Dixon Labarrera says:

don't you have access to the test server? would be cool a video about the new robots.

AndExp Channel says:

its my lovely channel of WWr

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