Transformers Robots in Disguise Season 2 Episode 4 Suspended

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cnserbrus says:

So awful

SeanTF1967 says:

For those who want to know, next week's episode will have Optimus Prime's team, so stay tuned.

Надежда Албу says:

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Samross Thorg says:

I hope the tf prime characters appear soon, bee strongarm and grim r getting a little boring. And also more of the new cons and Optimus primes team as well plz

Class 387 Gatstar (Gatwick Express) says:

That woman is too addicted to instragram lol

barbaro267 says:

This season's already better than season 1! Yay! TF: Prime…take notes.

Michaell Tanadi says:

another minicon deployer

Matthew Mendez says:

Who was thinking of a blaster when they shot the nomes

Tas Sat says:


What's Up says:

WTF is that decepticon!

What's Up says:

The longer you keep uploading full episodes of this great show, the longer i stay subscribed!

Amauri Rodriguez says:

its a male

Jr Muñoz says:

another deployer

塗1eeeytyrfw任鳳 says:


mr bioproductions says:

Wow, never knew transformers ahd cults.

Tiffany Chin says:

Cdcvbb. Nbnbhyyg

126 996 says:

carzybolt looks like a dinobot

Smoke screen says:

I just wonder what's keeping Optimus & the rest of the team up at the arctic? they could've really used their help in this situation with Crazybolt.

straswa says:

Thank you for uploading the full episode!

Go Strongarm!

DevGaming says:

I'm glad Crazybolts coming back in the future, I liked him and JAT. Also glad that the recycling of names does extend to BW, and even BWN and BW2 (Crazybolt, Polarclaw etc.)

Andreasohlin says:

Poor Grimlock.. what have they done to you in all these new versions.

Cory in AZ says:

I gotta say this cartoon really has grown on me a lot. I'm still not crazy about Strongarm's masculine-looking build (though I like her vehicle type) in robot form. It think it could have been toned down a bit to make her look a wee-bit built but still look clearly female. BUT I do like her character a lot. I can't pinpoint nothing I really dislike about this. I really love the animation style and the deceptions fucking rock. Okay the autobots too; I like them too (I'm more of a 'Con chick).

Bellazarte the brilliant says:

I think optimus and the others are frozen by now

TeamAllStar says:

Where the fuck is optimus? these episodes with Bee grimlock and strong arm are getting boring and repetitive



Queen Prime says:

Nice nice nice!!!!!!! I love Transformers Robots In Disguies!!!!

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