Transformers Robots in Disguise Season 2 Episode 3 Metal Meltdown (HD)

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Semail Khairul Muna says:

where is sideswipe

Dj Zekrom says:

"autobot please" is that grimlock's way of saying Bitch please?

pikppa says:

Saberhorn is played by Fred Tatasciore who also voiced Megatron in War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron

pikppa says:

Steeljaw's voice is sexy.

asian invasion says:

I like that bug con. Hope we see more of him

Zachary Cabanié says:

Is That Airachnid at 19:36 ?!

Zachary Cabanié says:

Who's The Decepticon Mantis ?

Zachary Cabanié says:

Is It Me or Russell Reminds Me of Pit From The Kid Icarus Series ?

Omar Alvarez says:

Transformers Prime Arachnid and Hardshell in this episode? Did not see that coming

Jack Day says:

total wtf on the ending

HV-Hedoth says:


Frank Digironimo says:

The cons at 19:24 are an Insecticon, a Vehicon, a flight Vehicon and a orange Airachnid. We already now what Cyclones are and Chompazoids but it seems that some of the cons from TFP are still alive especially that Insecticon cause i thought all of them were destroyed or went on Cybertron's moon to be dinner 4 Energon sucking Terrorcon Airachnid.

Lupita Zertuche says:

this is the wierd episode in my life but dont cry is just a video

Lupita Zertuche says:

a cricket

NIS Sitaras says:

it's just not the same with out megatron. hope he returns

Cobi Bruner says:

19:39 arachnid….

josie hellawell says:

Why are they on Megatrons ship from TF:Prime?

Emil Höijer says:

do more of these long episodes

BBmetalhead04 says:

So in this season are the villains all pirates then? If that's the case, then maybe we'll see thundertron.

SeanTF1967 says:

If any of you are Avatar: The Last Airbender fans. You should recognize Glowstrike's voice actress.

Ky Stax says:

18:05 Emm… What happened to Steeljaw 's eyes?

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