Fix It Friday: From the Laundry to the Loo | Interior Design Bathrooms

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Delightful family of five reaches out to Robeson Design for help with their home remodel. The decision to stay and build on or sell and move to a bigger home weighed heavily on the minds of Mr. and Mrs. client for several years and came to a head once they weighed all their options. Loving their neighborhood and the schools their 3 young girls attended was a big factor in their final decision to stay and build out. Robeson Design to the rescue! Rebecca had lots of great ideas on ways they couple could add square footage and overall value to their home while maintaining the community atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Fix It Friday Recap:

Ep. 1 Guys Bedroom Ikea Makeover:
Ep. 2 Love Shack:
Ep. 3 Modern Condo Makeover:
Ep. 4 Living room turned to Billiard room:

Every week we’ll be bringing you a decor project that we’ve “fixed”. From the humble and sometimes scary beginnings to the fabulous reveals. Rebecca will share unique elements about all of the projects and share great design tips on how to create more storage, how to find more space and how to maximize your budget!

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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Dorian Tucker
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound


Mehwish Saqib says:

omg that is absolutely beautiful

Ash H says:

I love the two hanging down pendants beside the mirror.

Jani K says:

Great job here too! You are so talented rebecca! Love you!

Ragnhild A says:

Are you working on new projects? Looking forward to see new videos.

Helen Cheng says:

Best power room I've seen!

TheRockChild says:

Hey you. I love this video! The bathroom looks amazing. I hate the stupid over mirror lights that are in every stinkin' bathroom. I love that you did something else with the lighting. Gave them privacy but also a beautiful bathroom. I miss seeing your day to day bits, is the regular "reality" show still being worked on? :)

Rose Arroyo says:

Love the glass divider.

simone Nagel says:

Love the video! Especially the privacy glass for the toilet.

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