Best Smartphone for 2014 & 2015 – Buying Guide

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Thought I would make a Smartphone Buying Guide for the holiday season moving into 2015
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Darren Rainey says:

if you want pure android go with a nexus device. if you want a good budget phone with lots of features and custom roms go with a oneplus device

Mobiclue says:

Not easy to make a "best phone" video in these days.

Skyler Pirtle says:

my mom has a droid 2 tubo and I have a LG g4

Nicholas the gamer says:

I got the droid turbo 2

Koos Werkloos says:

Is the nexus not to old to buy?

yan baez says:

God bless you too

Quinten Dubois says:

Die you already tried THE Sony z5 premium?

Mr J says:

Whats the song?

mavon ocliaso says:

not happy with your reviews, research more you know -.- higher mp doesn't mean better pictures it's the sensor that matters that's why even though iphones have low mp, they still manage to capture beautiful pictures. -.- I'm bothered now -.- also you should improve your talking and accent.

Quachie TheBossy says:

Where's the LGG4

Caleb beach says:

i wached this video with a droid turbo

Max Anderson says:

Hey there, It's awesome extra-large warlike What do you think, guys…

Kingrai 15 says:

0:52 blue pacman shape on intro

Rob Frye says:

Your review is missing the mark. What is the number one thing these phones are intended to be use for, in my book it would be calling ie 911 emergency calls and calling family and friends. Hands down Motorola has the most calling power allowable by the government. All the rest is just fluff!!

aliou sall says:

Cool thanks I got a new phone

Colton Mandell says:

You can't make a Verizon exclusive phone with shitty battery optimization the best phone, plus speak with a nasally douche voice the whole time and get a thumbs up from me.

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