Top 10 Banned Commercials – Super Bowl Ads – Funny Commercials 2016

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Top 10 Banned Commercials – Super Bowl Ads – Funny Commercials 2016 Enjoy! 🙂

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Kevin Dinh says:

So the axe detailed was for you balls I've been using them fire my actual balls

Kaleb Kim says:

wtf balls cleaners

Christian Dixon says:

More like Top 10 Commercials that objectify women.

Ben Willock says:

Oh, its Jess from the Real Hustle.

Jean Verner says:

fucking british

machaineà says:

Objectify ALL the women! To sell shit!

Alen_Egre T says:

I understand why these were banned; they are sexist and the worst, NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

FuckGodism says:

Talk about ridiculous, if anything, they should have been banned for unimaginative stupidity.

EYD Godly says:

"What about my ball sack?" XD

Barbara Landry says:

Can you clean my balls

robloxian jammer says:

XD The Ball Cleaning One It Cleans Ur "Balls" XD XD XD LMAO and YOLO!!!!!! Since yolo u better order it :)|

kaushik mondal says:

omg the one with the dirty balls had me dying…..

Italiangamma87 says:

Ok ok I'm leaving (very weird and gross)

Italiangamma87 says:

Lol the first one

Akio Haru Goro (日本人) says:

Balls? Omg…

Carl says:

did you know that these commercials were never meant to air at the super bowl because is cost half a million per second to air during the SuperBowl and to post on YouTube cost close to nothing. The truth is fun.

Sebastian Phantomhive says:

lol cleans your balls

Bree Nicole says:

I'm at the weird end of the internet

Jessicarrot Jessicake says:

oh shit XD

Ange ehpad says:

Je bande, 

Faisal T.K.J says:


Madden Mobile Homie says:

The Axe detailer cleans ur balls

Wolfyxz Lesson says:

why they banned and what is Superbowl?

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