McDonald’s Ads vs The Real Thing

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**All food products are unaltered** Presentation is everything.

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“Didn’t I” by Esbe

Television / Kevin Simpson


Jordyn Stitt says:

For many commercials they just have plastic food and they edit it to make it look real.

Angelina Kenney says:

Everything looks gross either way

ong johnson says:

In Singapore it is the same as the ads

Salma Samir says:

actually I live in ksa but it looks like the commercial event it is more delecious then any where's

Maharani Putri says:

in Indonesia the McDonald look like the commercial

Joseph Martinez says:

Im still lovin it

Alyson Lee says:

The French fries look better in real life not the commercial

Geometry Flow (TFF) says:

The fries in reality acculy look better than the ads.

Ben Cagakit says:

still love the fries

derrick ingram says:

Am i the only one rapping to this beat lol

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