Funny Muslim Ads Up In NYC Subway After Legal Battle

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Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad produced a documentary that follows Muslim American comedians on an American tour. They intended on putting up humorous ads on the NYC subway system. But the transportation authorities weren’t having it.

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JohnF says:

Funny or not you praise a pedophile and slice the throat of animals calling it religious.

Kayla Barakat says:

A Muslim invented iPhones

Yaseen Hussain says:

"Most terrorists are Muslims"
Well ALL KKK members are white

Chronicles Of Manliness says:

If Pamela Geller and her group of fellow idiots can get their bigotry displayed on buses then these ads shouldn't need a legal battle to be displayed…
"Freedom of Speech" right?

JamesTCope225 says:

Great video. I just wish that clip of Bill Maher wasn't put with those actual bigots. Bill's just against religion.

Patrice Booth says:

Lets not repeat history by putting up hateful ads

Allen Toh says:

most terroists are muslims

Lola Twinkle says:

So the ancient Greeks didn't have universities before? or even the Romans? A lot of good the golden age did…the renaissance and age of enlightenment surpassed it and the Muslim world didn't want to know…

Mahou Maou says:

most surprise me are "muslim invented the concept of a hospital" a very education fact

PetrosB4 says:

People can be good. But their religion is not.

Pablo Morataya says:

Funny posters but I have a feeling that the PC culture will cry and beg the mayor of New York to remove them. Stop ruining freedom of speech you frauds. My friend from elementary school is in trouble for having a harmless jokes about Muslims. This shit has to stop

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