Trading S&P Futures – 10 Reasons to Trade the S&P Over Other Markets

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The head trader of Leading Edge Trading’s ( live trading rooms tackles a tough question in today’s session: Where’s the best place to trade e-mini futures: the S&P 500 or another market like Nasdaq, Dow Jones, or Russell? HT gives ten reasons why you should be trading S&P futures over other options.

Among the reasons:
1) The S&P is very logical, meaning that there’s less risk and volatility.
2) It allows futures traders to follow big money and score big.
3) The logic of the S&P means it’s easier to predict the timing of the market.
4) The commissions are lower than on stock trades.

And these are just a few of the reasons HT covers in the video. Using real stock charts and historical data, he shows why futures trading is less risky and more profitable on the S&P 500.

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Video thumbnails courtesy of @ThomasLeuthard and @FinancialTimes on Flickr Creative Commons.


Jeffrey White says:

"It moves like a racecar with no steering wheel!" Best line for sure. 🙂 New to the trading game, but I'm loving your take on the ES so far! 

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