Top 5 Banned Bra Commercials – Best Banned Bra Ads

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Are you looking for the best banned bra ads? Well, then you are in the right video page. Watch this video to watch the top 5 banned bra commercials. Included in this banned bra commercials are ads of Loveable and other top brands.

All these bra ads have been banned because they are overly sexy and they are not appropriate to people who are aged under 21. Watch “Top 5 Banned Bra Commercials – Best Banned Bra Ads” today!

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BookishThoughts says:

I don't understand the 2nd one. Like, what does that even mean?

ytviewer46 says:

The woman with the tissue in her bra (last ad) is horrible. She pulls a rabbit out of it by its ears. Do NOT handle rabbits this way! Ugh.

jackie wacky says:

for the wonder bra one I think it's that her boobs are to big so the elevators wouldn't close unless she steps back

Mark Riven says:

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dsfgwet etfgwaert says:

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R. G. says:

Rex is having a good day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lonemale mcphee says:

#4 – Wonderbra- absolutely laughed my ass off… very funny.

Malli Ulfs says:

Poor Rex.

hishammadani1988 says:

what with Jesus picture in this horrible ad.

Chloe Fletcher says:

why was the wonderbra one banned? I see nothing wrong with it. what does it have to do with Wonderbra anyway?

FairyPrincessNyx says:

That ant eater one tho! How is that even a bra commercial?

Jason Bourne says:

I think that I have seen the first ad few times on Television. Are you pretty sure that the commercial is banned?

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