Motorola Moto X Pure Review

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In what is a remarkably strong package at a lovely price, the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition arrives to put a dent in the high-end Android market. Our review goes through all that makes this phone great, as well as its few drawbacks. Enjoy!

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beautiful2 says:

I ordered the Moto pure x edition designed by Jonathan Adler I like the design I can't wait to get it. I like that the camera is good, expandable memory and speakers in the front.

Adam Bainbridge says:

Contract runs out end of july should i get this or s6

Erick Sabanilla says:

does anybody know how to fix the problem with the chirping sound while recording video?

Marius Tabac says:

in Europe the cheapest 32GB version is at 499E…. why this difference ! :(

DeRussell Masina says:

This versus the Nexus 6….the Nexus 6 has a leg up or too

Lina Jacobs says:

How are you? You've Improved. elderly harm What's your opinion about it !

Abdul G says:

your battery tests make no sense give us real world usage report for example the screen on time.

paulo freire says:

Take selfies in the dark????? My god!

Kasckal says:

finally someone who measured the display! thank you i was looking for this

Virender Kumar says:

looks good on papers. oneplus 2 seems a better deal..

김동우 (Cheers4Android) says:

It's IP52, not IP57. IP57 means that it is mostly dustproof and submergable up to 30 min. at a depth of 1m. The Moto X Pure Edition (a.k.a. Style) isn't submergable.

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