Fallout 4. Setting Lorenzo Cabot free and becoming ‘Immortal’. Secret of Cabot House Quest

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Good to see you Jack.

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Vendetta 5th says:

i dont know what people are talking about when people say the gun is bad. If you put the automatic mod on it, it launches everything into the air. i used it on a deathclaw once and the thing exploded in 6 different directions. its better than the alien blaster

sullen berger says:

this quest would've been better if lorenzo wasnt so painfully obviously evil

Tip the scales Robin says:

frees crazy ass Lorenzo and heads to Cabot house

"Good to see you again!"

Elle Baier says:

What was the gun you used on edward?? Ive never had the chance to get my hands on it.

Alex Romanov says:

Honestly, I think Jack lied about Lorenzo being a crazy killer, There's no way to verify his claims, in all probability its just a lie to justify keeping Lorenzo locked up so they can live for ever,
besides Lorenzo's behavior towards you seems pretty sane and even generous, he offers you immortality, invites you to chill at his place while he figures out the new world. Doesn't really seem all that evil.

Gary Dawson says:

what weapon was that to kill deegan?

Ryan Rodriguez says:

lol 2:57

King Kittens says:

damn that is smart! using a mini gun with the damage buff as a melee only weapon

Tyron Chavez says:

this loading screen is way faster than the one from Skyrim

Dean Sullivan says:

If you keep him locked away his son gives you 4 vials.  If you free him and kill the whole family he gives you 1 vial.  Makes no sense like.

Wolfie Mix says:

Uuhm… Mr Lorenzo guy, the door isn't ope- HOLY SHIT!

GMDAEP says:

after boarding the brotherhood of steel mission, curie and danse suddenly disappeared. the other companions don't follow anymore and wander towards other places. did anybody else experience this bug?

UnStAbLeK6PiE24 says:

He looks like Kotal Khan

Kawaii Atlas says:

If only Shaun found this out earlier in the game

HypnoVocalz16 says:

What kind of fun is that your killing the guy with? It's like a machine claw of sum shit

AkodoHirozumi says:

Zombie twerking? Really?

Zack Loewen says:

Consoles: 30fps cap/longer load times
PC: Frequent crashes/save data corruption

I'd say that's a fair trade off to playing either.

gunoverheating says:

this is the kind of game play i like to watch, quiet and simple with no commentary.

FalloutGamer says:

Wow. 25 caps for someone that gets rid of 36k rads? Seems legit

Blake Rickards says:

I got the zeta gun 2 times

Gregory Holland says:

So the father doesn't give you immortality his just gives your his blood bullshit

Dareghost says:

I would think the best way to go about this quest is to just kill the whole Cabot family including Lorenzo and the you would get jacks zeta gun and Lorenzo's artifact mod that you can apply to that gamma gun.

Sir .Driken says:

holy shit wtf

saeed khani says:

He deserved to die / and im glad to let him die

Олег Васильев says:

And it was allthe reward? You better kill him and get powerful gun.

Pixel Bunny says:

I killed him for the hat

Mustachio says:

wait whattt i was trying to side with the old guy but he kept attacking me

paladin gamer says:

how do u get the quest

Pc Player says:

Edward sounds like batman… EDWARD IS BRUCE WAYNE

WildRocker001 says:

Did anyone else kill everyone and made their house your own? Lol

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