[Eng Sub] McCafé’s Gay Ads in Taiwan

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This is a McCafé’s ads from Taiwan.


atomixfang says:

Gayest ad ever.

starchoice82 says:

Nice commercial but I wonder if they would have gotten less flack if he said "I like GUYS" instead of boys. Boys doesn't really sound appropriate.

Sarah McConnaughey says:

That was beautiful! <3 <3 <3

the dude says:

Their advertising is on point.

YoBravaFrumAnuvaMuva says:

"Hi Dad, I just want you and everyone to know that I'm homosexual; I desire sex with the same. To clarify, I desire to suck penises. I want penises up my rectum. I was born desiring to suck penises and put them up my rectum. Can you please go along with the hedonism and pretend that this is perfectly normal?"

Keep on self-destructing, society of pretentious degenerates.

MsBurntToast says:

fuck me i'm cryin at work

DonutUnderpants says:

This seems fake, both due to length and production.

Sergeant Chlamydia says:

what r u fuckin gay

rockybudgeboa says:


driffter1976 says:

He likes 'boys'? Little ones? Bloody shirt-lifter.

Holden Caulfield says:


James Anderson says:

great ad!

Ronald B says:

Should be advertised in China as well!

stanleycoleman says:

Awww this made me a little emotional :').

dragonboy718 says:


Angelina Carrizo says:

Beautiful!!! Way too creative!!! Awesome!!!

Faggot Yglesias says:

mcdonald's food, basically the same thing as eating dicks

suvariboy says:

What a beautiful message!

thegaygaymerchannel says:

Great commercial, but it doesn't change the fact that McDonalds coffee still tastes horrible.

bilcal says:


George H says:

I wish all parents could be this supportive in real life.

Casey J says:

Wondering why the Chinese words on the cup was covered up

Christopher Davis says:

your coming out at mcdonalds?lol.i wished i directed a different version:dude walks into mcdonalds"you know, ive never until this moment, have felt free enough to say this: "i like men"……by the way, can i have a combo number 2 with extra large fries and a large coke?"

Narry Storan says:

Best ad promoting love acceptance.

Jairo Antonio Mendez says:

Ohh Por Dios Llore, si he Llorado y me han Conmovido que hHermoso es el Lenguaje del Amor de un Verdadero Padre.

Salad Dispenser says:

Something deeply disturbs me in that video actually.
I mean I have been always ok with that but come on, it really pisses me off to see these kind of things at the end T_T I'm fed up with fake ads, we know Mc Donald cofee does not look that great >_<

Ahri Park says:

Best dad

thỏ con 小兔子 says:


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