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NEW COTW: Just incase the joke flew over your head, yes I do smoke occasionally and I agree with the videos, they’re just amazingly cringy.







brad noneya says:

cotw with francis of the filth is entertaining. luv u poppa franku muah!

Cucking “The” Dead says:

Whats the end song with frank dying?

Brody Pullishy says:

Damn Daniel is gay

Dogola da Silva says:

Just let the teens smoke ffs. If they wanna die of cancer at 35, who am i to stop them?

Tony Draws says:

nice pit stains bro

Neo Khaos says:

Watch, This video is probably going to get taken down.

TheDreamOriginal says:

These are funnier than what you normally imagine as cringe (mainly the overly attached girlfriend one)

esthabunny says:

What's happening with h3h3 and ethan and hila channel is happening to TVFF and too damn filthy channel

KriticalKat says:

We can thank Christopher Rants for this cancer

Alex Mennen says:

Don't worry Frank, here have a cigarette to help you relax.

Zach Allen says:

What if it was their plan all along to create a commercial so cringy that it would then force teens to stop smoking to end the commercials.

pls no hatters says:

stop smoking b0ss #cut4frank

antsolja says:

these ads make me want to go smoke myself to death just to spite the fucks that made them

GOATZulu4444 says:

So should I change from hookah to cigs?

Ничего себе Вы знаете по-русски says:

What about smoking crack?

willdoesthings says:

2007 called. It wants its memes back.

willdoesthings says:

2007 called. It wants its memes back.

Soriel Dark Artist says:

*8:43 he's mcfallen bois

Miles Edgeworth says:

They want to enforce "cool kids don't smoke" but they put a fucking rave in there? Yeah, don't smoke kids but pop some mollies and inject some heroin. That's the Kool kids way.

Soriel Dark Artist says:

i drop the bad puns like gassed jews

DilthyDankFM says:

speed it up 1.5

୧ಠ ε ಠ୨ says:

I might as well smoke a cig, because those ads gave me cancer

Samurai Jack says:

"Ay fuk u meh."

Heretic Jones says:

i always get left swiped

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