BEST SUPER BOWL ADS 2016 Sneak Peek! – Preview Superbowl 50 Commercials

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Preview the biggest and best Super Bowl 2016 ads!
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A Llama gives a sneak preview of Superbowl 50’s high profile ads, including:
T-Mobile, Kia, Bud Light,, Squarespace, Victoria’s Secret, Skittles, Shock Top, Turbo Tax, Avocados from Mexico, Doritos, Honda, Pokemon, Axe Body Spray, NFL, Pepsi and Snickers.

Tune in this Sunday to see the Top Ten Commercials from the Big Game with the Carolina Panthers and the
Denver Broncos!

This year’s average Super Bowl commercial price is approximately $5 million for a 30-second commercial, a more than 10% increase from last year.


Alec Nguyen says:

you guys are such angry people

Angus Green says:

That Lamma is so gay

Bboyporky says:

What about Neymar's real football commercial?

Porkinz YTP says:

I had no idea the super bowl was even on until yesterday.

metalvocalistwanted says:

Yawntastic sorry to say

Liss Firefly says:

Hate Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan. And Key and Poole. I'm disappointed with commercials this year.

kaitlin jade says:

Am I the only one who thought the two guys at 3:37 were about to fall in love or were dating?

BC Cooper says:

And this is Scott Bayo…. LMAO (So that's where he went off too….)

Chen Chiu says:

why are you cutting the ads .. very disappointed.

Faith Carneal says:

What song are the sheep singing

Dk inc. says:

You skipped have the commer

McKayla Armitage says:

What about the funky monkey baby?

NutellaxCookiez says:

I saw black and blue

MugarAssasin says:

The commercials were terrible this super bowl so was the game so many fumbles cam newton really didn't do that much. I'm happy that the Broncos won but why did they ruin the super bowl. Super bowl 49 and 48 had a little bit of hilarious commercials and also I feel like the games were even better it was so bad this year. And if I'm upsetting anyone I'm sorry 😛 but it was just so bad this year.

Summer Jasmine says:

They all should be in the list for worst Super Bowl commercials.

redwhitentrue says:

Not Greg's fault that the ads were horrible. Even though they sucked, they were the best ads the Super Bowl provided.

Kristina Michelle Kent says:

hahaha I Love It, Its Sooo Awesome; )

katy Zelle says:

little funny :/ not the best

James Bullock says:

. 123456789012098375648

omar Shammas says:

dude most of these commercials blow.. What happened??

ГDivinite」 ᴬᴹⱽˢ says:

I like how the Super Bowl Parents ad managed to get a single black person into every scene.

Darlinglam Aj says:

i just saw all of those comercails right now lol


I do wish Mountain dew "Kickstart" should have been included

Kiara T says:

why do all of these have nothing to do with what they are trying to sell?

Bill Page says:

cool and more cleaner then other videos amen inChrist always chubby billpage illusionist magcian in fun cause other super bowl televsion classic comcerials not very clean in some of them like in the days of Noah

Joe Hickman says:

some of the commercials r stupid best one is the crash the superbowl dorritos

Angelo berlecio (beach boy) says:

all the commercials SUCKED!!!!

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