A Little Girl Gives Coins To A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return

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MiamiSprings Memories


Honey meel Production says:

little fact about me is that I play the violin

William Eaton says:

That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen, Wish I could have been there..

Humankind is flawed to be sure, but God has blessed us with tremendous potential to do
wonderful things when we really want to..

There is truly good in us if we only look for it…

Mark Gardner says:

Music, it is the one thing in this entire world of craziness that everybody likes!

Armani Rolle says:

so what i give a poor man 20 dollars

Kuksha Winter says:

If the wife and I ever have a kid, I would love to set up a scenario like this for the little one. It would change the course of their life.

carlos vega says:

100%100 español

Matt Dempsey says:

This is what human beings should be doing! A celebration of humanity rather then what he have brought upon us in today's world.

John Wagemann says:

Even though this event was carried out in a very positive way with many taking part and enjoying it you have some people making senseless negative comments about it.  What country did this take place in?

thefun frame says:

pero si esto es un puñetero anuncio del banco sabadell, vaya timo!.

Blossom Cherry says:


Jacob Tan says:

I see this and I'm like "HOLY CRAP", I go down the streets and I see some guys on the street playing music, I get excited so I put all my money in there hat. As they were about to play, the took the money and ran off :D

Jacob Tan says:

If I were there and I had an instrument with me, I would look at them, look at my instrument, and say " I could do it ". the moment I play, everyone looks at me and start booing.

David Nowak says:

Street Musicians in Detroit are going to have to step it up a bit. :o)

WSBCN69 says:

Awesome!! Sabadell, Barcelona, Catalonia

bzara Tlau says:

that's great :)

symon ooga says:

Orchestral Flashmob!!! AWESOME!!!

Dan Donneley says:

Cute, clever, well filmed, excellent performance, an altogether uplifting little short. It put a smile on my face, to be sure. Seeing the little ones enjoying themselves was especially nice.

muppetonmeds says:

I call bull shit

benherfst says:

And the girl? ..well, she wanted her money back.

Jeff Madrigal says:

Damn Europeans all cultured. You don't see shit like that here in dumbass America.

Kathy Lynne says:

This video was made as a commercial for the Bank. The musicians are real and so are some of the people who sing this Beethoven piece, "Ode to Joy". It is very well made and is a tribute to the producer(s). This wonderful video is not something that comes at a spur of the moment, as it may imply, but yet is it also not a fake. You do not see this kind of advertisement very often and should be considered as a highly rated commercial that was made with honesty and high integrity. I hope that more videos of this kind should be put on You Tube.

Man Lil says:

Talk about value for money lol

Zidane 47 says:

3.20 the woman think "fuck off" and put her nokia 6310 out for filming haha

Nopponym says:

Le plus bel hymne que je connaisse. Merci

山本恵子 says:


Polluted Mind says:

is this real? I cant believe how many cameras they had to record in many different angles; even with a really good camera. I don't believe it xD

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