Victoria Derbyshire’s breast cancer video diary: Final Chemo – BBC News

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In Victoria Derbyshire’s 4th video diary following her diagnosis of breast cancer – she talks of her joy and relief at finishing her final chemotherapy cycle. Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of July, had a mastectomy in September and has now finished 6 chemotherapy sessions. She begins radiotherapy treatment in April. Everyone’s experience is different but Victoria has been keeping a diary to try and help demystify some of the procedures and treatment. She’s being treated at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey. This diary focusses on her 4th, 5th and 6th chemotherapy cycles.

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Ändra says:

When I think breast, I think cancer

Ahmed Medhat says:

stay strong. the hard part is finally over.

RCANTs says:

Brexit, Jimmy Savile inquiry? Nothing? No surprise! Impartial news broadcasting?

IncognitoZ90 says:

Whos she?

Lynda Denford says:

You are inspirational and I am sure this will help many ladies. Rock on Victoria xxx

killerkirschencat says:

I am really happy to see that you made it through your chemo! I wish you all the best and hope that other cancer patience may find encouragement in your journey.

Anon Alex says:

whats wrong with her eye?

ukpropaganda says:

I don't wish her any bad luck, but I get sick of seeing celebs/tv presenters, etc, parading their health problems in public and getting thousands of saddos boo-hoo-ing after them.
We ordinary, REAL people JUST GET ON WITH IT.

cary bary says:

Talk about brexit.stop dodging the topic bbc.

Jeremy Hunt says:

Damn, I was hoping to see the like;dislike ratio on this video.

ASMR Bilingual Portuguese English says:

Only use salt chrystals as deodorant and stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Adopt a vegan diet.

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