The Rumor Report: Fetty Wap’s Apology | Rob Kardashian Losing Weight |

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The Rumor Report with Angela Yee.
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Ray Nely says:

She got her cum up good. God Damn! for 2 weeks of fucking, Fetty Wap your an idiot. Anybody could tell that chick was an industry slut.

Aaron Mitchell says:

ha! You got ur Trap Queen now!

Moonlight sonata says:

fetty wap a fool for even going near that horse

El Qone'ars says:

Rob Kardashian must've fucked Charlamagne's girl in the past or something because he straight up hates that man.

Sherrell Burton says:

I cost more not to wear a condom then to go buy a pack.

Mr. Lynx says:

She the real trap queen!

hiphopsimile101 says:

If you still getting trapped by these HOES in 2016……you deserve EVERYTHING you get, you retard!

KE TV says:

Do 17,000 times 12

tinaloveseddie says:

Brothas raw dawg it…and then start crying when 9 months later a baby pops out!

PrincessMbomb says:

We saw on LHHH, she didn't care with who as long as they had money.

Dizzy Roth says:

This bitch tripping it might be over for Fetty lmao 

Paul Jonas says:

Shout out to black chyna and what's Charlamagne's beef with fat people

MrGrownman455 says:

17,000 dollars month ?!?!?! For a KID? WOW … Why do rappers mess chicks with no money? LOL It's like they don't expect this to happen.

E Leon says:

she bout to milk fetty for all he got. he will be broke in a few years

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