Losing My Hair to Chemo – Breast Cancer

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Alyssa starts to lose her hair in massive clumps on day 15 after her first of six chemo treatments. She decides to take control and goes to her hairstylist to get ahead of the game to get her hair buzzed off. Alyssa is being treated for Paget’s Disease, a rare and aggressive form of Breast Cancer. She previously underwent a double mastectomy and total lymph node removal. www.vivalacure.org


Shannon D says:

Thank you for sharing. I'm trying to get my courage up now to shave my head. I to have 6 treatments. I have cervical cancer that spread to a lythnode in my chest. I had 1 treatment on 2/4 and I can feel it's working because my pain is gone. God Bless you. I'd love to know how you're doing. 

jeanne zelch says:

i agree you are a amazing person inside and out. i cried for you and your husband in this video… i to have the symptoms you had. i have had mammogram and ultrasound. only shows quite a few cyst. i had treated rash as exema, so was almost gone when they did the exams. i was told to stop treating rash and when it comes back, and it is. to go get biopsy of the rash for pagets of the breast also.. the rate it is coming back i will say maybe 2 to 3 weeks it will be back full force then i will get the biopsy to verify pagets. i have watched all your videos here and this one really touches me. i work with children with terminal cancers. to fulfill their bucket list. and it is ironic that i too may be in same boat as them. but they have shown me so much strength. if these children can fight the fight they do so can i. BUT, i have long hair. very long hair. as soon as i know i will loose it. it will have it cut off for locks of love. and the kids can have wigs. i don't need it then. nor will i be able to keep it. so i will gladly donate it to them. then i will shave the head and wear it with pride…. from what i see pagets is horriable. and it is a hard  battle. but if i test positive will fight  the hardest fight of my life. i have to see my grandkids have kids. AND I WILL!!! i got other kids out there who need something to smile about, instead of only looking forward to the next treatment. that is my life. and cancer will not win this battle and take it from me…if it test positive…. the IF is the hardest part… ill know in few weeks… but you are a inspiration to me also.

Leanne Daniels says:

Enjoyed your video, cant believe how pretty you are without your hair..I start my chemo next Wednesday, so I will be doing the same. I enjoy wine also : ) I am not giving that up! Thanks for the video.

Alyssa Mazurek Paro says:

Thank you guys so much <3

Dianne Knotts says:

Alyssa, You are so brave and so beautiful! You're attitude is amazing. Keep being the positive person you are. Your posts are a god send to those who also face breast cancer.
I will keep you in my thoughts.

Wendy Harrison says:

I <3 you Alyssa. You're so beautiful and Brave. You'll beat this. I'm praying for you

Icon Amu says:

Alyssa…you are AMAZING!!! I wish you a fast recovery…stay positive 🙂

prepperchickie says:

you are a beautiful spirit….

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