Khloe Kardashian eating disorder, poisoning food to lose weight

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Khloe wants to lose weight.
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Captain Fangirl says:

Calories are energy so as long as you used them it doesn't matter where you got them it is energy until you dont use it it turns into fat and many trainers are non vegans

Marissa Boatwright says:

Are you a hippy hippies are so cool

Janie Super says:

kim did a sex video actually

Susan S. (SusieShops) says:

omg who sprays their food with windex? thats insane!

Some Girl says:

Is she using the vinegar Windex? I'd still eat that.

solaq8 says:

i just cant with this vid

solaq8 says:

its funny actually ur a joke

solaq8 says:

lol ur such a hater huh ? hatin bad looololol

Driana563 says:

Its obvious that because free lee used to be fat herself now she's a total genius and has to spread veganism to everyone so we can all be skinny and healthy like her. Guys understand this girl clearly has a medical condition, what don't you see. She's a narc, she lives in her own bubble and everyone outside her bubble doesn't know what they're doing except for me. NOBODY LIKES YOU FREELEE, NOBODY LIKES YOU! If i saw you in the street id throat punch you while eating a cheeseburger.

awesome kids says:

I eat meat and dairy products and i am not fat the problem is that you are saying that all the people that are not vegan is fat. Read what the people are writing. AND LISTEN

Ladivalinda s says:

You mean

Ozzy Smith says:

Was that her fucking boyfriend? Hollyshit! He just as annoying as her.

Libby Bibster says:


Sofia says:

Guys, I understand the way she approaches these issues is probably not the best. You may feel like she's being rude but in fact she is just very straight forward, which is what a LOT of people love about her. She clearly means no harm in these videos and they are appreciated by the followers that request them and wish to hear her opinion on the matter. Khloe Kardashian has clearly had some issues with her weight and diet, she herself knows that and that's why she goes through all that trouble trying to fix them. Freelee is just trying to help!

fannimoi says:

you must be an idiot to think that everything people say online is true

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