Global economy headed for a ‘death spiral?’

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Citigroup Strategist Jonathan Stubbs on oil’s impact on stocks and the global economy.


Mark Taylor says:

The crash that is coming is unavoidable, pull your money from where ever it is, buy physical Gold and Silver (preferably the latter), stock up on essentials and you will do very well. The tide has turned and there is absolutely nothing these clowns (federal reserve+politicians+mainstream talking heads) can do, it is all going to come tumbling down just the way it should.

betterdays when says:

No kidding. Nice path politicians & the so called leaders have led us down, right? Morons & crooks almost every last one of them.

An American Homestead says:

Pull your money out and stuff it under a mattress. That is about the only way to save your cash at this point.

Noble Blanctet says:

Glad to see mainstream media FINALLY joining the conversation, rather than continuing to peddle the fiction pushed by Obama! Question: How did the Greece banks close for a week and gold did not rise in price? Bank cartel manipulation of the commodities markets using paper derivatives. If you own a share of GLD and think you own gold, the coverage ratio has gone from 300:1 in late 2015, to 500:1; meaning, there are 500 people in line for each 1 ounce of gold actually held by GLD. HYPOTHECATION AT ITS FINEST! And they do it to oil too, which also serves as a geopolitical weapon against Russia whose economy is dependent on oil prices. Putin is not one to miss the opportunity though, he only likes to sell his oil for gold, and if someone uses inflated US dollars, he flips the inflated dollars for artificially depressed price gold. Bye bye US Petro-Dollar! What a number the super elite globalists have played on America through the Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations. The death spiral is thier endgame to usher in thier one world government, and currency, centralized in Western Europe.

brickman291 says:

Doom and gloom sells

Kevlar for days says:

so it begins

cyanidejunkie117 says:

Oil vey!!!

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