As The Economy Collapses The US Economic Statisical Manipulation Is Expanding – Episode 910a

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Report date: 03.04.2016

Over 80% of the jobs that were added were minimum wage. More waiters and bartenders were added and manufacturing jobs were lost. Hourly wages dropped as well. Since the great recession the US has been built back up on debt, auto and student loan debt. Blackrock is suspending the issuance of gold trust shares because of physical demand. Dry Bulk has declined and we are going to see alot of companies file bankruptcies. German banks are now hoarding cash. Moody’s says no sign of a recession in the near future, they said the same thing back in 2008.

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These issues would be solved with a global financial reset with one global currency, with a global implementation of basic income for all.

Stability is from the bottom-up (not from top-down, which we know doesn't work).

With one global currency all countries can print as much as they want for their funding needs and most importantly funding for basic income for all.

The solution is so easy, but there are those who have there own agenda.

Chenhan Liu says:

Even the mega band layoff their people. Also, how about IT? We have so many jobs go over to India.

Martin-G-Tattoos says:

US manipulation? I'm pretty sure the British run our economy, as Rothschild owns our banking system…

papaschuette says:

I've been hearing a lot about precious metals. I haven't invested in any precious metals, but I have been putting aside some cash in small denominations. Not to sure if this is a good idea or not. Anyone doing the same?

Jessica Serrano says:

I've been unemployed for 8 months, the only thing I can find is a waitressing job, which I'm greatful for, but it's not what my qualifications say I can do.

V De says:

Not sure anyone else noticed – but in most retail stores you have a better chance of winning the lottery then finding a worker in there – all of them weather it be a grocery store or hardware – there is no workers in stores anymore – they are even less then skeleton crews

Alfred Mayer says:

getting drunk is the business of the future

vasudama says:

Thanks Dave for your consistently accurate reports – is it possible to do some analysis on Australia.
Onya cobber.

Brian C says:

Great commentary. Glad I found this channel.


Germany has 1 billion of deuce  bank ,deuce mark  with the people  Germany has the money to stay alive without euro

vincent parlante says:

8:25 in the evening here in our local time zone ,boys and girls ……Vinny the hit man on the air with a recent call in Long distance dedication to the folks in the white house. ..the song is Pink Floyd's Brain damage. ..Oops looks like the lunatic is in the………

vincent parlante says:

according to the bogus employment monthly report , the MSM reported that we gained 250,000 new jobs in February. ….but does anyone really even believe that report. ..I'm considering taking up a entirely new occupation, yep, yup…Master Puppeteer. ..That way I to can learn how to manipulate certain people in some power positions. ..Uh, oh….I'm a low level middle income worker…not a George Soros with a Hugh back yard of piled moolah …so maybe I'll become then a garbage disposal man .. and try to get rid of some of the ……..Nope…I actually got it now…..I will become a Pot farmer…that way I can get comfortably numb every day…and yet still live on the farm……..HEE HAW !!

fntime says:

They now take homeless people who beg as employed workers.Next will be college students who will be considered pre-employed workers.

Jammer53 says:

The economy will not collapse. It will lessen, but the government will not let it, I have been watching these same videos for 2 years all said sometime in the near future all will crash..remember feb 18 was to be big crash date. These YouTube vids are a waste of time.

BaBaLoo formetoknow says:

everything is AWESOME! ;)

cynthia rouse says:

The desperate charade will be televised. Anyone who can see, hear and read knows this is unmitigated BUNK. Look around your home town, and what do you see?


keith novak says:

Recovered at 50% of what it was 10 years ago?

新年号角 says:

l love the video description. Right to the point.

Daniel Natal says:

Can you imagine if kids doctored their report cards, the way politicians doctor the unemployment figures. "According to this, Johnny, you got all A's. But when I looked at your percentages, you only got a 29% in math, a 32% in English and a 16% in Science." "Yes, mom. But you can't count the tests I failed. I'm only including in the tests I passed. By using that methodology, I got an A in everything!" (Moral of the story: It's easy to have low unemployment numbers, when you systematically don't count–the unemployed.") After six months, they magically cease to exist! I'm going to do that with my credit card debt. "After six months, no one can collect from me. We can't count by debt after a made-up arbitrary date."

Jon B says:

Nice jobs report Obama!..  Jobs increased, but WAGES WENT DOWN!.. The translation?  MORE PART TIME McJobs!  Way to go!4.9% = the OFFICIAL unemployment rate.  (The 'Official' LIE)Part timers are counted as full timers.People are being forced to take on 2nd and even 3rd part time jobs.1 person work 3 part time jobs is counted as 3 PEOPLE WITH 3 FULL TIME JOBS!U6 unemployment rate(part time workers excluded from 'Official' rate is 10.6%Some one out of work for over 4 weeks is NOT COUNTED AS UNEMPLOYED!Add those to the 10.6% and now your over 20% UNEMPLOYMENT!WAKE UP AMERICA

ib12541 says:

quit wasting your time with blo pony.

radiomanze1 says:

Please dave, not Blo phoney. Say it isn't so

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