Adrienne Bailon Begins Removing Her Rob Kardashian Tattoo

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“Extra” was with “The Real” co-host Adrienne Bailon as she began the process of removing a tattoo of ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian’s name with the help of Dr. Jeremy Brauer and the PicoSure Laser.


Jason R. says:

Absolute worth idea to tattoo any spouses name on you. Secondly. They must be hella awkward for new men to have sex with her with a dudes name on her rear

philbyification says:


keith miron says:


trinity Dowling says:

This is to every body this woman is only known because of rob and because she was on KUWTK yeah I know she was on cheetah girls but let's be real people would not know who she really is if it wasn't for rob bringing her on the show which I know he regrets because the she won't stop talking about the nigga like damn it was what seven eight years ago yall was together like get over it already he doesn't bring her up she even talks about rob on the real like come on I know she had other boy friends .

Lara Orane says:

Is this an advert?

cristina solano says:

The only name I would tatoo on my body would be my kids' name. 

Laila P says:

Omg all this girl talks about is her ex rob……..she brings him up EVERYWHERE LOL

habsa farah says:

Addrienne is my bitch

habsa farah says:

Rob is trashy ass hole

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