Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients – Breast Cancer Treatment

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Lori Wainwright says:

Thank you for sharing this. I was diagnosed July 2015. I'm not sure if I will require chemo or not but watching this makes me less scared to go through the hair loss.

Mary Ann Scott says:

Thank you for your video. It is most uplifting. I was diagnosed in April 2014, have had my first treatment, and I am trying to prepare myself for losing my hair. I am 62, a mother of one, a grandmother of four, and a great-grandmother. I cannot imagine how you did with little kids. You are an awesome woman.

Casey Klinger says:

$4000 for real hair? is the work of hand making a wig really that difficult to have to put such a high price on it? because freaking hair shouldn't be worth a thing since it just grows on our heads. I hope cancer patients get it for cheap or better yet free, because when I grow and donate my hair for free, I want someone who has enough going on in their life to actually be able to wear it for free.

Carole Smith says:

I really appreciate this video. My hair started falling out at 21 days. I have a few wigs, both human hair as well as synthetic.I think everyone should be able to get something to make them feel beautiful and normal and like themselves with almost any budget. My own budget is not big; I can't afford a $3000 wig, but I found some that were really nice for a lot less.The American Cancer Society will give you a wig for free; call them.

Ari Zak says:

try out Arielle Wigs they have the best hair and prices!!!

missmex says:

She is an inspiration. My mother just had her first chunks of hair fall out 3 weeks after her first chemo session. It is difficult because her hair loss is reality in front of us, we can't be in mental denial anymore. It's reality telling us it's real. She looks great with short hair.

rbolo29 . says:

Look up baking soda cancer cure.

sheitelwigs says:

for the most realistic human hair wigs visit: yesmywig com

msmonaco426 says:

Awesome lady!!

Grmcelebritywigs says:

what a beautiful spirited woman and women, God bless you:)))

Grmcelebritywigs says:

We offer high end quality human hair wigs, requires no glue to attach. As low as $350. Please message me for details.
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Jackie RappHammonds says:

While this is a nice video, most women fighting breast cancer can not afford a $3,000 wig!!!!

Agendia Inc says:

Many patients will find this video helpful!


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